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Air Spindles


Air Spindles

New Way® Air Spindles utilize Porous Media Technology™ to create a uniform cushion of air between the rotor and stator.

Unlike traditional spindle designs that require lubrication between moving parts such as belts and pulleys, air spindles rely on stiff air gaps to provide frictionless motion. Since the components are not in contact, wear is significantly reduced.

Porous material naturally restricts air flow through the spindles so there is no risk of pressure gradients between surfaces. If airflow is somehow disrupted, the surfaces gradually make contact instead of crashing together. In the event that there is damage to the surface of the spindle, the porous substrate still provides uniform airflow– reducing downtime for mechanical repairs.

With only one rotating element, New Way Air Spindles eliminate asynchronous error motion and reduce radial and axial error motion up to 0.1 μM. This allows for faster rotation speeds and high-precision rotary motion.

All air spindles come in a variety of sizes in both round or square stator configurations to accommodate an array of rotary applications. Contact New Way today to learn what we can do for you!

Spindle Product Line

https://www.newwayairbearings.com/catalog/air-spindles/ Air spindles are available in a wide range of standard sizes, in both round and square stator configurations, for your specific application. Don’t see your size here? Contact us to discuss custom options.

SS-375SS-375 - 375mm "T" Series Air Spindle
air spindles
SS-375SS-375 - 375mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-250SS-250 - 250mm "T" Series Air Spindle
air spindles
SS-250SS-250 - 250mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-150SS-150 - 150mm "T" Series Air Spindle
air spindles
SS-150SS-150 - 150mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-100SS-100 - 100mm "T" Series Air Spindle
air spindles
SS-100SS-100 - 100mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-75SS-75 - 75mm "T" Series Air Spindle
air spindles
SS-75SS-75 - 75mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-55SS-55 - 55mm "T" Series Air Spindle
air spindles
SS-55SS-55 - 55mm "T" Series Air Spindle


Comparision Table

Size Input Pressure Axial Load Radial Load Axial and Radial Error Motion Max. Speed Average No Load Flow
14.8 in375 mm
60psi0.41 MPa 2373 lbs10554 (N) 563 lbs2502 (N) 15.7 μin0.4 (uM) 2616 (RPM)2616 (RPM) 100.0 SCFH47.2 NLPM
9.8 in250 mm
60 psi0.41 MPa 952 lbs4233 (N) 249 lbs1108 (N) 7.9 μin0.2 (uM) 3979 (RPM)3979 (RPM) 60.0 SCFH28.3 NLPM
5.9 in150 mm
60psi0.41 MPa 312 lbs1387 (N) 89 lbs396 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 6586 (RPM)6586 (RPM) 51.0 SCFH24.1 NLPM
3.9 in100 mm
60 psi0.41 MPa 132 lbs585 (N) 49 lbs216 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 9554 (RPM)9554 (RPM) 34.0 SCFH16.0 NLPM
3.0 in75 mm
60 psi0.41 MPa 64 lbs286 (N) 26 lbs117 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 13274 (RPM)13274 (RPM) 28.0 SCFH13.2 NLPM
2.2 in55 mm
60psi0.41 MPa 21 lbs91 (N) 9 lbs41 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 21739 (RPM)21739 (RPM) 23.5 SCFH11.1 NLPM

  • No asynchronous error motion
  • Low synchronous error motion
  • High-precision
  • Faster rotation speeds
  • Crash-resistant
  • High stiffness
  • No contact
  • No wear
  • No noise
  • No lubrication


New Way Air Spindle technology can be used in a variety of applications that require rotary motion. They can be combined with other air bearing technology to provide limitless direction of travel. Our air spindles achieve high-precision rotation without contact between components or the need for lubricants meaning less maintenance downtime during your manufacturing process. Don’t see your application listed? Tell us more about your precision rotary needs so we can find the right air bearing solution for you.

Rotary Tables
  • No contact between rotor and stator so down-time due to mechanical issues in rotary tables is virtually eliminated.
  • With only one rotating element, error motions are significantly reduced allowing nano-levels of precision.
High-precision Mixers
  • Stiff air cushions provide frictionless motion, removing the need for food-grade lubricants in pharmaceutical mixing spindles.
  • Ideal for cleanroom environments.
Machining Optical Components
  • Permits high-speed rotation for cutting optical components.
  • Ultra-precision positioning and motion with no wear.
Additional applications for spindles include:
  • Metrology
  • Dynamometers
  • Robotic end effectors
  • Drilling, boring and milling
  • Pair with linear air slides for multi-axis motion


Contact us for a complimentary consultation and to learn more about our air spindles!

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