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Air Spindles

Air Spindles

Specifications Sheet

New Way® Air Spindles provide a frictionless alternative to magnetic, oil, or bearing-based spindle solutions. Through the use of our Porous Media Technology™, we generate a micro-thin cushion of air between the rotor and the stator, eliminating sub-synchronous motion and reducing asynchronous error by orders of magnitude.

Faster Rotation

Unlike complex magnetic suspension or oil-based lubrication systems, the air spindle’s Frictionless Motion®️ means zero dynamic, contacting components, eliminating mechanical wear, and increasing the lifespan of your assemblies. With friction eliminated, air spindles open the door to far faster rotational speeds, providing faster motion while retaining a degree of accuracy only limited by the servo and controller system you choose.

Safer Operation

New Way Air Spindles are an exceptionally low flow technology, taking almost six hours to push one cubic meter of air through a 50mm x 100mm bearing, and thus, are extremely efficient in operation when compared to orifice-based systems. If airflow is somehow disrupted to the air bearing, the porous nature of the bearing surface means depressurization will occur slowly, allowing for a soft landing, ensuring the spindle and the guide surface remain undamaged. Contrast this with orifice and magnetic bearings which can often fail in catastrophic ways, and we see how air spindles provide all the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

Cleanroom Compliance

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The unique nature of our porous media products makes air spindles an inherently cleanroom compatible technology. While air is already cleaned and filtered prior to entering the bearing, the size of the openings in the bearing face acts as a natural sib-micron filter. Internal testing by New Way places all of our bearing products as being ISO Class 3 cleanroom compliant (less than 1,000 x 0.1μm particles / m3), and arguably even meeting the stringent requirements for ISO Class 1.

For the modern manufacturing facility, whether it be pharmaceutical, semiconductors, or aerospace, cleanroom manufacturing is rapidly becoming a best practice, and air spindles are up to the task.

Standard and Custom Engineering

All air spindles come in a variety of sizes and stator configurations to accommodate an array of rotary applications. Air spindles can be paired with a motor/encoder of your choice. Or, if you desire a fully integrated solution, New Way also offers Servo-Drive Rotary Stages, capable of 1.1-arcsecond precision.

New Way also has a proud history of providing bespoke engineering solutions, so if you need something made to your exact specifications, we have the in-house design and manufacturing expertise to make that happen.

  • No asynchronous error motion
  • Low synchronous error motion
  • High-precision
  • Faster rotation speeds
  • Crash-resistant
  • High stiffness
  • No contact
  • No wear
  • No noise
  • No lubrication


New Way Air Spindles are ideally suited to a wide variety of uses across testing, inspection, web handling, and positioning applications. They can be employed in textiles, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and innumerable precision industries thanks to their Frictionless Motion®️ and resilient construction.

Don’t see your application listed? Tell us more about your precision rotary needs so we can find the right air-bearing solution for you.

Rotary Tables and Inspection Stages
  • With only one rotating element, error motions are significantly reduced allowing nano-levels of precision.
  • Without contact between the rotor and stator, mechanical issues common to rotary tables are virtually eliminated.
High Precision Mixers
  • Frictionless, non-contacting motion eliminates the need for food-grade lubricants.
  • Ideal for cleanroom environments where outgassing can be a concern.
Optical Machining
  • High-speed rotation is a must for the precision lathes used to grind optical components.
  • Nanometer levels of precision and 1.1-arcsecond precision afforded by a servo-driven rotary stage, providing the exact motion you need.
Additional Applications
  • Metrology
  • Dynamometry
  • Robotic-end effectors
  • Drilling, boring, milling
  • Ability to be paired with linear slides for multi-axis motion

Spindle Product Line

Air spindles are available in a wide range of standard sizes, in both round and square stator configurations, for your specific application. Don’t see your size here? Contact us to discuss custom options.

SS-375SS-375 - 375mm "T" Series Air Spindle
SS-375SS-375 - 375mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-250SS-250 - 250mm "T" Series Air Spindle
SS-250SS-250 - 250mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-150SS-150 - 150mm "T" Series Air Spindle
SS-150SS-150 - 150mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-100SS-100 - 100mm "T" Series Air Spindle
SS-100SS-100 - 100mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-75SS-75 - 75mm "T" Series Air Spindle
SS-75SS-75 - 75mm "T" Series Air Spindle

SS-55SS-55 - 55mm "T" Series Air Spindle
SS-55SS-55 - 55mm "T" Series Air Spindle


Comparision Table

Size Part # Input Pressure Axial Load Radial Load Axial and Radial Error Motion Max. Speed Average No Load Flow
14.8 in375 mm
SS-375SS-375 60 psi0.41 MPa 2373 lbs10554 (N) 563 lbs2502 (N) 15.7 μin0.4 (uM) 2616 (RPM)2616 (RPM) 100.0 SCFH43.24 NLPM
9.8 in250 mm
SS-250SS-250 60 psi0.41 MPa 952 lbs4233 (N) 249 lbs1108 (N) 7.9 μin0.2 (uM) 3979 (RPM)3979 (RPM) 60.0 SCFH25.94 NLPM
5.9 in150 mm
SS-150SS-150 60 psi0.41 MPa 312 lbs1387 (N) 89 lbs396 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 6586 (RPM)6586 (RPM) 51.0 SCFH22.05 NLPM
3.9 in100 mm
SS-100SS-100 60 psi0.41 MPa 132 lbs585 (N) 49 lbs216 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 9554 (RPM)9554 (RPM) 34.0 SCFH14.70 NLPM
3.0 in75 mm
SS-75SS-75 60 psi0.41 MPa 64 lbs286 (N) 26 lbs117 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 13274 (RPM)13274 (RPM) 28.0 SCFH12.11 NLPM
2.2 in55 mm
SS-55SS-55 60 psi0.41 MPa 21 lbs91 (N) 9 lbs41 (N) 3.9 μin0.1 (uM) 21739 (RPM)21739 (RPM) 23.5 SCFH10.16 NLPM


New Way Helps +Vantage Enhance Precision of Inspection Solutions

New Way Helps +Vantage Enhance Precision of Inspection Solutions

+Vantage Corporation started by providing metrology and assembly solutions to the automation industry, and now provides full integration for robots and sensors. They turned to New Way to help build precision inspection stages, including a piston pin inspection stage built on T-series Air Spindles.

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