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Turbo Machinery


New Way Air Bearings ® offers a complete line of non contact, porous media air bearings designed for turbomachinery applications ranging from the oil and gas sector, to power generation, spray drying, refrigeration, compressors and more. Our innovative oil free turbomachinery bearings use a micrometer thin layer of air as the fluid medium between two surfaces; with zero dynamic components, wear and tear is eliminated. This results in exponential gains in energy efficiency, massively increased operational lifespan, reduced maintenance downtime, and greater performance. Because our patented porous media creates an even pressure distribution of air, the typical drawbacks of orifice bearings, like air cushion collapse and pneumatic hammer instabilities, are entirely eliminated. Our oil and gas bearings are offered in standard, off the shelf sizings and can also be custom manufactured to meet your needs. Our in-house engineering team offers rotordynamic analysis services to produce a complete workup on your application, and then design and tune the bearing system to give you optimal performance.



Turbomachinery bearings are applicable across a wide array of use cases, from spray drying rotary atomizers to natural gas turbines and shaft balancing operations, New Way offers the ability to create your own unique non contact berating system specific to your requirements.

Power Generation
  • Porous media air bearings are modular and highly stiff, ideal for supporting rotating artifacts in natural gas turbines and other power generating environments
  • General Electric’s Research Center already considers porous media air bearings as the next logical step in gas film bearing technology for megawatt class projects
Rotary Atomizers
  • New Way bearings have been successfully integrated and tested in Dedert’s new rotary atomizer, providing resistance from whirl frequencies and stable performance at all operating speeds
Refrigeration and Compressors
  • The ability to operate on process gasses makes our bearings ideal for refrigeration and compressor applications
Shaft Balancing

    Porous media bearings inherently balance any rotating artifact, removing axial force errors and synchronizing motion errors

Product Line

Our bonded air bearings are perfect for tight spaces and come in a variety of sizes to fit into any manufacturing production line. Contact us today to tell us more about your specific needs.

S2280T500S2280T500 - 500mm Long x 80mm Wide Transition Zone Air Bar - Test
500mm transition zone air bar
S2280T500S2280T500 - 500mm Long x 80mm Wide Transition Zone Air Bar - Test


New Way and Dedert Bring Frictionless Motion to Rotary Atomizers

New Way and Dedert Bring Frictionless Motion to Rotary Atomizers

New Way® Air Bearings is always committed to advancing motion solutions for new industries. Our partnership with Dedert is no exception. Since 1968, Dedert Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of process engineering technology across a wide array of industries. We brought the unique benefits of Porous Media Technology™ to bear on their problem, producing…

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