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Air Bushings Metric


Air Bushings Metric

Metric Air Bushings

New Way® Metric Air Bushings are designed for rotary or linear metric shaft-based applications. Built on our foundational Porous Media TechnologyTM, New Way Metric Air Bushings remove friction in the form of a ‘tube’ of porous media. This permeable surface naturally distributes an even, yet stiff, layer of air, to provide the necessary lift/gap for operation.

This unique method of removing friction offers enhanced precision unavailable to rolling element systems, making them ideal for applications requiring precision rotary and linear motion concurrently. Maintenance downtime is also significantly reduced as burdensome lubrication requirements become obsolete. These advantages make New Way Metric Air Bushings a win-win for operations!

Air bushings can be paired with a pillow block housing unit for a simple interchange with existing rolling element systems. Co-polymer O-rings are provided for ease of installation into the pillow block to compensate for parallelism errors of up to .002″ over the length of the shaft.

New Way Metric Air Bushings are offered in six standard metric sizes to accommodate standard metric precision steel shafts. Custom sizes are also available.

Contact us today to get you started experiencing the benefits of Frictionless MotionTM with New Way Metric Air Bushings!

Air Bushing Product Line

Explore the metric size options for New Way’s non-contact air bushings, as well as the benefits, applications, and specifications

S307502S307502 - 75mm Air Bushing
75mm Air Bushings metric
S307502S307502 - 75mm Air Bushing

S305002S305002 - 50mm Air Bushing
50mm air bushing metric
S305002S305002 - 50mm Air Bushing

S304002S304002 - 40mm Air Bushing
40mm air bushing metric
S304002S304002 - 40mm Air Bushing

S302502S302502 - 25mm Air Bushing
25mm air bushing metric
S302502S302502 - 25mm Air Bushing

S302001S302001 - 20mm Air Bushing
20mm air bushing metric
S302001S302001 - 20mm Air Bushing

S301301S301301 - 13mm Air Bushing
13mm air bushing metric
S301301S301301 - 13mm Air Bushing


Comparision Table

Size Part # Radial Load Max Radial Stiffness Input Pressure Outside Diameter Length Air Gap Maximum Speed Weight
75 mm75 mm
S307502S307502 280 lb1245 N 0.91 lb/μin159 N/μm 60 psi0.41 MPa 3.9 in100 mm 3.5 in89 mm 4 microns4 microns 164.04 ft/s50 m/s 22 oz623 g
50 mm50 mm
S305002S305002 210 lb934 N 0.63 lb/μin110 N/μm 60 psi0.41 MPa 2.9 in74 mm 3.5 in89 mm 4 microns4 microns 164.04 ft/s50 m/s 17 oz480 g
40 mm40 mm
S304002S304002 145 lb645 N 0.41 lb/μin72 N/μm 60 psi0.41 MPa 2.4 in60 mm 3.0 in76 mm 4 microns4 microns 164.04 ft/s50 m/s 7.2 oz204 g
25 mm25 mm
S302502S302502 42 lb187 N 0.19 lb/μin34 N/μm 60 psi0.41 MPa 1.5 in39 mm 2.3 in57 mm 4 microns4 microns 164.04 ft/s50 m/s 3.0 oz83 g
20 mm20 mm
S302001S302001 30 lb133 N 0.13 lb/μin23 N/μm 60 psi0.41 MPa 1.3 in32 mm 2.0 in50 mm 4 microns4 microns 164.04 ft/s50 m/s 2.0 oz54 g
13 mm / 13.020 mm +.005/-.00013 mm / 13.020 mm +.005/-.000
S301301S301301 10 lb44 N 0.06 lb/μin11 N/μm 60 psi0.41 MPa 0.9 in24 mm 2.0 in50 mm 4 microns4 microns 164.04 ft/s50 m/s 1.1 oz31 g

  • No Contact
  • High-speed
  • Decreased heat generation
  • Energy efficient
  • No wear
  • Nano-precision positioning
  • No lubrication
  • Increased reliability
  • Crash-resistant
  • Increased operations time
  • Less maintenance downtime


With friction removed, New Way Air Bushings offer a number of operational efficiencies available across industries. Several example industries and the benefits they are seeing are listed here. Feel free to contact us today directly for use in your application!

  • Conveyance of products uses significantly less energy, with no downtime driven by lubrication or wear
  • Higher speeds are achievable, increasing production yields, as concerns of heat issues dissipate
  • The non-contact nature of New Way Air Bushings is an ideal application to test dynamic forces such as torque, fatigue, and frame integrity
  • Achieve greater confidence in test results as the asynchronous and synchronous errors associated with ball bearings are overcome
  • The repeatable frictionless linear motion ensures precision for situations where lives depend on the accuracy of the test results
  • When contact is removed, energy costs decrease while simultaneously achieving higher speeds
  • Improved efficiency of turbine operation through lower operational costs and reduced maintenance
  • Achieve high-speed, short-stroke precision with repeatable sub-micron positioning, all while meeting clean-room compliance
  • No contact or wear translates to reduced maintenance costs and downtime when compared to ball bearings which must often be replaced


Whether you are looking for a standard or custom metric size, contact us today for more information on using air bushings in an existing or new shaft-based application!

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