Epoxy Bonding Kit


Epoxy Bonding Kit

New Way Air Bearings® offers an Epoxy Bonding Kit (99-0194) for use in creating hard mount applications with New Way Air Bushings and Bonded Bearings. The kit includes:

DWH 316 Adhesive 100 Gram Kit
Tube for epoxy
Olive injection tip for the tube
Piston to push the adhesive
Tongue suppressor for mixing the epoxy

DWH is a fine adjustment coating system for connecting surfaces in machine elements and machine tools. Through the use of in-place proven moulding techniques, precision down to the micron is achieved with an exact replica of the tool surface, without expensive machining or finishing work. The material can be either caused to stick to the moulding surfaces or released by the inclusion of a micro-thin layer of release agent DIAMANT separator liquid.

New Way uses DWH where bonding is required, because its key features align with those New Way customers are often seeking.
Micron-Level Precision
DWH moulds micron-exact in place making an exact copy of the surface. Low-shrinkage accompanied by short curing time enables precision to be maintained.
High Load Carrying Capacity
DWH can accommodate high loads (120 N/mm2 (static)). Its ability to create a full-contact mating surface enables 100% load transmittal along with high dampening capacity and excellent shock attenuation.
The good adhesion exhibits nearly zero aging or weathering.
Determining the Required Amount for an Application
Customers can determine the number of grams of DWH required for their application utilizing the equations noted by the product type below.

Bonded Bearings: (Pad Applications)

Utilize the following equation for each pad in the application.

[ 𝝅 * (Padwidth /2)2* Gap * #InjectionSpots + PassageVolume ] * SpecificWeight(1)

Air Bushings: (Cylindrical area)

Utilize the following equation for each cylinder in the application.

[2 * 𝝅 * radius2 + 2 * 𝝅 * radius * height] * SpecificWeight(1)

DWH Specific Weights:

SI measurements: 1.65 g/cm3

English measurements: 32 g/in3

NOTE: New Way suggests ordering 20% more epoxy than calculated to account for mixing losses.

Application Tips
  • The surface the bearing is bonded to should be a rough texture like a sandblasted surface.
  • Ensure there are sightlines to the edge of any bearing pads to determine when to stop injecting.
  • Follow our Air Bushings Installation Guide for more instructions on creating hard mount applications.
  • Bonded Bearings can be integrated using our signature vacuum replication process.
  • The Epoxy Bonding Kit contains hazardous goods.
  • Shipping is limited to the US/Mexico/Canada, via Ground only.
  • Short curing time
  • Micron-level precision
  • High dampening
  • High-load carrying capacity
  • Low shrinkage


The Epoxy Bonding Kit featuring DWH 316 allows for ‘bonding in place’ for a large number of applications using New Way Air Bearings:

  • Gantry machines
  • Joints, spindles, shafts, and keyslots
  • Guide rails, bearing chairs and flanges, machine beds
  • Bearing and index bushes

Epoxy Bonding Kit Product Line

The Epoxy Bonding Kit includes a hardener and the epoxy itself, with all the components to mix by hand prior to being put into an injector.

99-019499-0194 - Epoxy Bonding Kit DWH 316
epoxy bonding kit
99-019499-0194 - Epoxy Bonding Kit DWH 316


Comparision Table

SKU Pot Life (+20 ℃) Cure Time (+20 ℃) Specific Weight E-Modulus DIN 53457 Compressive Strength Hardness [Shore A] Tensile Strength Adhesion Bending Strength
99-019499-0194 40 min40 min 24 h24 h 1.65 g/cm31.65 g/cm3 8200 N/mm28200 N/mm2 145 N/mm2145 N/mm2 8282 72.5 N/mm272.5 N/mm2 15.5 N/mm215.5 N/mm2 120 N/mm2120 N/mm2


If you have questions about using our Epoxy Bonding Kit, please contact our team of engineer consultants today!

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