Turbomachinery Seals


Turbomachinery Seals

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New-Seal® Externally-Pressurized Porous (EPP) Media gas seals enable non-contact sealing for liquids, gases, fine powders, or slurries. Built on more than 25 years of experience with air bearing technology, New-Seal® by New Way® applies the same successful principles to provide a highly engineered, leak-free, low gas consumption, wear-free seal for rotating equipment.

Seals built on our EPP Media provide a robust solution with no routine maintenance and the ability to operate on air or process gases. The inherent permeability of graphite or silicon carbide restricts and dampens the flow of pressurized fluid, gas, liquid, steam, etc. The flow of fluid is further restricted by the gap itself creating hydrostatic pressure, forcing the surfaces apart, creating a non-contact barrier/seal which is impervious to anything at a lower pressure. In some applications, the seals can perform double duty, acting as both seals and bearings.

  • No Wear
  • Serves as Seal and Bearing
  • Low Gas Consumption
  • No Dry Run on Start-Up
  • Simple to Retrofit
  • Ability to Operate on Process Gas
  • Easy to Use
  • Leak Free
  • Robust
  • No Routine Maintenance
  • High Speeds
  • No Oil
  • Long Life


Leveraging decades of success in rotating equipment with New Way’s Externally Pressurized Porous Media Technology, New-Seal® products are ideal for the toughest sealing challenges across a wide array of industries. The absence of contact and oil removes the burden of routine maintenance, allowing for increased operations time.

Liquid & Gas Sealing

Oil-free pumps, compressors, turbo expanders, fuel injection, bearing isolators, motors, and generators

Dry & Bulk Powder Handling

Mixers, blenders, rotary air locks, vacuum systems, and screw conveyors

Conventional Seal Replacements

New-Seal products offer an alternative for traditional mechanical seals including dry gas, hydrogen, labyrinth, packing, abradable and brush seals

New-Seal Product Line

New-Seal makes it easy to retrofit into existing machines by offering two styles of seals, available in standard and custom sizes.

Double Faced Seals
double faced seals new seal new way air bearings
Double Faced Seals

Single Faced Seals
Single Faced Seals
Single Faced Seals

Circumferential Seals
Circumferential Seals
Circumferential Seals

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