What is An Air Bearing?

Air bearings are a long-proven technology. But it often takes more than a great technology to change an engineer’s way of thinking. Sometimes it takes a great product. And thanks to New Way, air bearings have never been easier to apply. New Way’s line of standard, off-the-shelf products are designed to help you change your paradigm, whether you’re an OEM or an Integrator.


Learn How Air Bushings Affect Energy Savings

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Bonded Bearings: A System Intergrator’s Guide

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Since 1994, New Way Air Bearings has been the market leader in Porous Media™ air bearing technology. Here’s where you’ll see real customer applications, get a sense of how the product performs and possibly spark creative ideas for your next design!


Centaurus A Galaxy with surrounding star clusters studied by the Very Large Telescope operating with New Way Air Bearings.

Air Bearings Provide the Precision for Researching Black Holes Predicted as part of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, black holes have captivated astronomers, while also becoming a figurative description for where money and time go. Black holes recently found mainstream…

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DVIRC 2019 Cover Photo

Join Nick Hackett of New Way® Air Bearings at the DVIRC Greater Philadelphia Manufacturing Summit being held on October 17th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

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New Way® Air Bearing’s Annual Fun Day event is an opportunity to build camaraderie both within the company and with the local community. An important part of New Way’s mission, as a Philadelphia-based company, is to be a part of and give back to the local community. 

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