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Bonded Bearings


Bonded Bearings

Rectangular Bonded Air Bearings

New Way® Air Bearings’ Bonded Bearings offers a low-profile version of our flat rectangular bearings that can be adhered in place using our signature vacuum replication process. They’re an essential component to our linear slides that we now sell separately to incorporate into those space constrained linear applications.

The nature of our bonded bearings allows for the use of vacuum pressure to provide accurate positioning of the bearing before bonding into place with epoxy. Once the bearings are secured, you will switch from vacuum to airflow through the porous carbon substrate that makes our bearings truly frictionless.

Air is forced through the millions of submicron holes that are naturally present in our Porous Media Technology™. The passageways constrain the air so that when it reaches the surface, a uniform, stiff cushion forms between the bearing and the opposing surface. This creates no contact motion and is cleanroom compliant since the Porous Media™ also acts as a filter.

Heat and noise are essentially eliminated since parts are never in contact. Crashes are a thing of the past due to the resiliency of porous media and its ability to continue to create stiff air cushions even when the surface is damaged.

Bonded Bearings Data Sheet

Bonded bearings are available in many sizes to fit your specific application. New Way’s customer support team is standing by 24/7 to discuss your options

Product Line

Our bonded air bearings are perfect for tight spaces and come in a variety of sizes to fit into any manufacturing production line. Contact us today to tell us more about your specific needs.

  • Nano-precision positioning
  • Low profile
  • Crash resistant
  • Cleanroom compliant
  • No noise
  • Frictionless motion
  • No vibration
  • No wear


We’re always available to discuss how porous media technology can be integrated into your current process. Reach out today to tell us more about your application.

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