Linear Motion Guide System


Linear Motion Guide System

Experience the Benefits of Frictionless Motion®️ with New Way’s Airway Guide System

The Airway™ Linear Motion Guide System is engineered for a simple replacement of conventional rolling element bearing systems with a frictionless linear motion guide system. The key is New Way’s Porous Media Technology™, which utilizes a porous carbon material with millions of sub-micron holes. Frictionless, zero-contact motion is created by a thin yet stiff air cushion evenly distributed across the entire bearing surface.

Our new designed-to-order Airway linear slide assemblies enable customers to remove the existing conventional truck and rail bearing systems, and replace them with the Airway linear slide bearings. Simply connect an air supply, and immediately experience the benefits of Frictionless Motion®️.



New Way’s Linear Motion Guide Systems have many uses in applications that require precision motion in highly constrained environments. Take a look at these examples to see how our End-Supported Air Slides can enhance your process.

  • Ideal for use in constrained manufacturing environments such as semiconductor plants
  • No lubricants or outgassing concerns make it an easy choice for cleanroom environments
  • Linear Motion Guide Systems are a drop in replacement for legacy rolling bearing systems
  • Utilizing a purpose-built drop in solution saves you time and money, without the need to redesign your mounting points and hardware
Material Handling
  • Safely move Flat Panel Displays and Solar Cells with speed and ease
  • Simple, ready-fit setup makes integration fast and seamless
Inspection Metrology
  • Light-weight guide bar allows for fixing the stage while moving the guide bar along the vertical axis for better accuracy with part indication
  • Custom guide bars can be hollowed out for light weight configurations or for cable management applications
Precision Machine Tool
  • Guide bar can be fixed and used as a gantry for accurate linear motion
  • Self-centering Porous Media bearings provide better offset moment loading

Product Line

Linear Motion Guide Systems are available in a wide range of standard sizes and lengths to get you the right specifications for your specific application. Don’t see your size here? Contact us to discuss custom options.

AirWay Linear Motion Guide System
AirWay Linear Motion Guide System


Airpel’s Use of Air Bearings Proves Excellence in their Product Line

Airpel’s Use of Air Bearings Proves Excellence in their Product Line

Airpot® Corporation, an industry leader in force pneumatics, motion, and displacement, turned to New Way® when they wanted to test their latest product. While Airpot has a long history of providing linear actuation and motion damping across their product line, they too, like New Way, recognize the value of Frictionless Motion®️, which guided the development of their Airpel-AB Air Cylinders.

New Way Solves Straightness & Flatness Constraints for Axis

New Way Solves Straightness & Flatness Constraints for Axis

New Way partnered with Axis New England, a firm specializing in robotic and machine automation for the lithography, semiconductor, and precision optics industry. We provided them with a solution built on flat round air bearings to meet the needs of a customer who produces ultra-high format printers, allowing for high speeds and precise positioning.

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