Custom Products


Custom Products

New Way Air Bearings® has a distinguished history of providing exacting solutions for complex engineering challenges. And, in addition to the wide range of off-the-shelf products we offer for linear, rotary, tool servo, conveying and web handling applications, we also offer turnkey services for custom-made products. Via our in house engineering team and manufacturing facility, we have the capability to design brand new non-contact solutions precisely for your application without needing to outsource the machining and final assembly.

Because the foundation for our air bearings—the Externally Pressurized Porous Media™ (EPP)— is an in-house technology, we’re intimately acquainted with all the ins and outs of our product. Additionally, we have decades of in-house and independently verified analysis of our products. So, no matter whether you’re optimizing for speed, vibrations, straightness, or sub synchronous and asynchronous error, we have the knowledge base necessary to design and manufacture the solution for you.



See a few of our Custom Solutions in the gallery below

  • Automobile Testing
  • Metrology
  • Precision Machine Tooling
  • Medical Markets
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Computed Tomography
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Flexible Web
  • Precision Machine Tool
  • Semiconductor
  • Shaft Seals

Custom Products and Solutions

Each of the products below is a custom product, 100% designed, tested, and manufactured in-house by New Way to meet our customers’ precise need:

Keck Observatory

Keck Observatory

  • New Way Air Bearings developed a frictionless azimuthal encoder, eliminating wear, oil slippage, and maintenance costs.


  • New Way developed a six-foot-long encoder stage built on air bearings for H2W to accurately inspect their products. New Way later helped H2W develop multi axis systems built on air bearings.


  • When Sytech systems ran up against the operational limits of their tooling when it came to precision positioning, New Way helped them developed an ultra-low friction automated system for manufacturing dental equipment
Axis New England

Axis New England

  • For a supplier of equipment to the lithography and precision optics industry, Axis New England had reached the bounds of straightness and flatness across long travel distances. New Way developed a system with an order of magnitude improvement and provided a system with a 5-micron tolerance.

Custom Products

Learn how New Way’s® in-house engineering team can develop the right turnkey solution to meet your exacting specifications.

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