Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings


Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings

Vacuum Preloaded Bearings

New Way® Air Bearings offers bearings that come preloaded with vacuum to give you more control over the fly height and air gap stiffness.

As with all our products, the vacuum preloaded air bearings use Porous Media Technology™ to provide no contact motion. The naturally porous carbon substrate uniformly distributes air over the surface of the bearing, creating a stiff cushion that eliminates friction.

Our vacuum preloaded line replaces a portion of the surface area of our flat round bearings with a region dedicated to vacuum pressure. This combination of vacuum and air pressure can be finely tuned to adjust the fly height and stiffness for superior damping. This means that only one flat guide surface is necessary instead of two parallel, flat guide surfaces as in opposed bearing preloading.

Many of our other products incorporate vacuum to increase positioning precision and enable high-speed linear motion. Stiffer air gaps combined with no contact motion means you have higher load bearing capabilities while eliminating the possibility of production stopping crashes.

Clean Room Compliant

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The unique use of porous media in vacuum preloaded air bearings makes them ideal for clean room use. Not only is less air used in vacuum preloaded air bearings when compared to orifice-based air bearings, but the air is evenly distributed by the porous media. Both of these features minimize the potential of currents or eddies in the clean room and its damaging impacts on production.

Another benefit of the use of porous media is its ability to perform as a sub-micron filter for the air emitted. Testing indicates the bearing satisfies the requirements of Class 1 (ISO class 3) cleanliness, with airborne particulate concentrate limits of less than 1,000 x 0.1μm particles / m3.

If you’re thinking about using our vacuum preloaded air bearings in your application, reach out to our technicians today to discuss your options.

  • Precision positioning
  • Optimal stiffness
  • No lubrication
  • No contact
  • Superior fly height control
  • Crash resistant
  • Frictionless motion
  • No noise


New Way’s Vacuum Preloaded air bearings have successfully been used in a variety of linear motion applications.

  • No friction provides high-accuracy positioning
  • No wear between components eliminates maintenance
Precision Machine Tools
  • No lubricants are necessary so compatible with cleanroom environments
  • Vacuum and air pressure combined facilitate precision motion
  • Bearings come in a variety of sizes to fit any space constraints
  • Optimized stiffness gives you superior control over fly heights

Vaccuum Preloaded Air Bearings Product Line

The Vacuum Preloaded air bearing line comes in three standard sizes for a variety of load carrying capabilities and to fit in any space. Talk to us today about the specifications of your process.

S209001S209001 - 90mm VPL Air Bearing
S209001 VPL
S209001S209001 - 90mm VPL Air Bearing

S207501S207501 - 75mm VPL Air Bearing
S207501 VPL
S207501S207501 - 75mm VPL Air Bearing

S205001S205001 - 50mm VPL Air Bearing
S205001 VPL
S205001S205001 - 50mm VPL Air Bearing


Comparision Table

Size (Diameter) Part # (select for load/lift curve & drawings) Ideal Load Stiffness Flow Max Hold-Down Force at 50.7kPa Bearing Height mm (in) Bearing Weight grams (oz)
3.5 in90mm
S209001S209001 34 lbs150 N 0.25 lbs/μ in43 N/micron 3.14 SCFH1.36 NLPM 58.5 lb260 N 0.866 in22 mm 10.8 oz306 grams
3.0 in75mm
S207501S207501 25 lbs110 N 0.17 lbs/uin29 N/micron 2.92 SCFH1.26 NLPM 40.5 lb180 N 0.866 in22 mm 7.2 oz203 grams
2.0 in50 mm
S205001S205001 10 lbs45 N 0.07 lbs/uin13 N/micron 2.25 SCFH0.97 NLPM 16.4 lb73 N 0.866 in22 mm 2.6 oz73 grams


New Way technicians are standing by to tell you more about how Frictionless Motion®️ can enhance your manufacturing process. Contact us today!

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