Air Bar Mounting Feet


Air Bar Mounting Feet

T-Series Air Bars Mounting Feet

New Way Air Bearings® is proud to offer an inhouse range of mounting feet for our Transition (T-Series) Air Bars. These mounting components provide everything you need for fixturing of our air bars, including adapter plates as well as adapter assemblies for both pressure and vacuum lines. Available in both Imperial and Metric sizing, we’ve made sure to have the proper mounting feet for your vacuum pressure based handling solution.


New Way T Series Mounting Feet can be applied a number of ways:

Vacuum Capability

T Series air bars use vacuum holes to keep your substrate close to the surface.

Precision Motion

The combination of porous media and vacuum holes allows for high speed conveyance without sacrificing safety or precision.

Semiconductor and FPD Manufacturing

Air bars are ideal for moving flat, rigid substrates through their manufacturing process.

T-Series Air Bar Mounting Feet Product Line

New Way T Series Mounting Feet come in a range of sizes to fit the entire lineup of our T Series Air Bars.

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