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H-Series Air Bars


H-Series Air Bars

New Way® Air Bearings is proud to introduce their High-speed (H-Series) Line of air bars for your conveying needs!

The H-Series uses larger vacuum forces which provide customers with the superior flattening ability crucial for high processing speeds. These high-speed air bars require air gaps less than 50 microns which increases stiffness for better control. And, as always, the soft carbon substrate used to make these air bars will not scratch the glass surfaces it transports.

New Way’s Porous Media TechnologyTM uses a porous carbon material naturally permeated with millions of sub-micron holes. Air is delivered through these tortuous passageways to provide a uniform distribution of air at the surface of the air bars. This creates stiffer air cushions that permit lower fly heights. The even distribution of airflow also removes pressure gradients and makes production halting crashes a thing of the past. The superiority of porous media is why it is New Way’s choice for air bearing design for all its products.

Air bars provide the precision necessary for flat panel display and solar module manufacturing processes and are used in a variety of industries. Refer to the comparison chart below to learn more about the specifications of the various New Way Air Bearing air bar product series and contact us today to discuss the specific length requirements for your application.

H-Series Air Bars

The High Speed (H-Series) line of air bars from New Way combines frictionless motion with larger vacuum forces to provide uniform flattening during high-speed conveyance.

  • Larger vacuum forces
  • Higher conveying speeds
  • No contact
  • No lubricants
  • Small fly heights
  • Superior flattening
  • No lifting
  • Cleanroom compliant
  • Stable air gaps
  • No crashes


The larger vacuum forces make this line of air bars ideal for high-speed manufacturing of thin materials. A few examples are listed here. We’re always available to discuss how our air bars can be integrated into your conveying process.

Flat Panel Display
  • Conveying speeds of 2.5 m/s are easily achievable
  • Larger vacuum forces prevent lifting during high-speeds
Photovoltaic Solar Panel
  • Vacuum and stiff air gaps provide uniform flattening
  • 20-50 micron fly heights create stiff air gaps for rapid motion
  • Stable air gaps provide no contact motion
  • Ideal for cleanroom environments


Contact us today to discuss how our air bars can be custom fitted for your high-speed conveying needs.

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