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Air Turns


New Way Launches New Porous Carbon Air Turn Technology to Enable Non-Contact Handling of Flexible Films

New Way’s Porous Media Technology® is now providing breakthroughs, enabling capabilities by acting directly on substrates with non-contact Air Turns. New Way revolutionized the manufacture of Flat Panel Display Glass (FPD) by controlling processes and inspection without contact over air bars. Now New Way launches the next logical concept, enabling flexible films to float over non-turning “Air Turns” rather than contact rollers.

New Way’s porous carbon surface features millions of sub-micron sized holes, which enable you to maintain a thin but robust air film across the bearing surface, preventing contact with your flexible substrate.

Air Bearing Viscous Shear Enables Other Non-Contact Performance Characteristics for Flexible Film Processing

New Way is also pioneering the use of viscous shear in air bearing films for web tension control. Simultaneously, air bearing seals can isolate process environments, allowing high-pressure, boundary layer scrubbing for effective cleaning and drying with convective film coefficient allowing rapid precision temperature control.

New Way Experience Provides the Next Logical Step to Accommodate Flexible Film Processing

New Way is uniquely positioned to apply their precision experience in metrology, semiconductor, and flat panel display manufacturing to the improvement of printed electronics manufacturing, including Flexible displays, OLED lighting, printed batteries and photovoltaics (PV).air turn demo unit illustration flex conference recap

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