Ball Mounting Screws


Ball Mounting Screws

New Way® Air Bearings offers stainless steel ball mounting screws to simplify air bearing mounting. The gimballed design provides great flexibility in tolerance, ensuring the bearing face remains parallel with your guide surface.

With a variety of standard round and flat end configurations, New Way offers cost-effective mounting solutions when compared with designs requiring precision machining to bolt in place. The threaded ball studs also make alignment and adjustments straightforward. Our point-mounted design ensures no deflection of the bearing under load.

Round End

Mounted from the bottom up, New Way round end ball mounting screws are ideal for configurations not limited in z height. Round end ball mounts are able to accommodate an optional retaining clip, ideal for applications where the carriage/slide needs to be moved. The retaining clip secures the bearings to the mount, though still allowing the bearings to gimble.

Flat End

Flat end ball mounting screws offer mounting/access from both sides of the bearing, ideal for configurations which may be space-constrained. If necessary, bearings can be readily swapped out or replaced by backing off the ball studs and slipping the bearing out.

  • 416-grade stainless steel
  • Fits multiple air bearing products
  • Straightforward installation
  • Robust, Gimballed Design
  • Simple Alignment
  • Easy to Adjust


New Way provides standard sizes for both round and flat end ball mounting screws making them ideal for a variety of configurations.

Heavy Loads
  • Point mounted design is capable of managing heavy loads without fear of deflection and subsequent performance impacts.
Frequent Assembly Changes
  • Round ball mounting screws used with the ball retaining clip are ideal for situations where the assembly needs to frequently be moved.
  • Round style is available in four standard sizes.
Versatile Height Adjustment
  • Flat end screws allow changes to height from either end of the screw.
  • Flat end style is available in eight standard sizes.

Ball Mounting Screws Product Line

Available in two different styles in a variety of standard sizes, New Way stainless steel ball mounting screws provide the flexibility to accommodate a large range of air bearing configurations. Don’t see the size you need? Contact us for more information on a custom order!

Ball Mounting Screws Round End
Ball Mounting Screws Round End

Ball Mounting Screws Flat End
ball mounting screws flat end
Ball Mounting Screws Flat End


If you have questions about the use of ball mounting screws in your application or you have other questions, reach out to us today and tell us more about your application!

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