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Thrust Bushings


New Way Thrust bushings run on standard English precision steel shafting. These bushings are designed to allow for radial motion but constrain one end axially to prevent linear motion in one direction.

C301601C301601 - 5/8" Thrust Bushing
C301601C301601 - 5/8" Thrust Bushing

C303202C303202 - 1-1/4" Thrust Bushings
C303202C303202 - 1-1/4" Thrust Bushings


Comparision Table

Size Part # Input Pressure Inside Diameter (ID) Outside Diameter (OD) Face Outside Diameter (OD) Length Weight
0.625 in ID15.875 mm ID
C301601C301601 0.41 MPa60 psi 0.6255 in +.0002/-.00000.6255 in +.0002/-.0000 31.75mm1.250 in 38.1mm1.500 in 36.78mm1.448 in 51 grams1.80 oz
1.25 Inch ID31.75 mm ID
C303202C303202 0.41 MPa60 psi 1.2508 in +.0002/-.00001.2508 in +.0002/-.0000 50mm1.970 in 76.2mm3.000 in 66.675mm2.625 in 238 grams8.40 oz