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Technical Resources


New Way is always looking for new ways to make air bearings easier. One way to do so is to ensure that you have all the technical resources you need right here within a few mouse clicks. Here you’ll find a repository for New Way engineering drawings, air bearing care and air guidelines, and a set of useful ‘Tech Links.’

Care and Air

It's easy to maintain New Way Porous Media™ air bearings. Here are just a few simple guidelines for keeping them clean, and instructions for the use of only Clean Dry Air (CDA).

New Way Technical Reports

This area of the site is dedicated to the scholarly research done by New Way Chief Technology Officer Drew Devitt, and his team of Research and Development Engineers. Here you'll find White Papers on a variety of subjects relating to porous media air bearing technology.

Published White Papers

Please take some time to review our whitepapers, printed in multiple publications, that outline in detail the benefits and proven applications of our technology.

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