Turbomachinery Radial Bearings


Turbomachinery Radial Bearings

New Way Turbomachinery Radial Bearings are ideal for precision rotary applications requiring you to support a heavy load at high speeds, giving you all the advantages of air bearings built on our proven Porous Media Technology.

In order to support rotary motion, we developed a modular bearing, either concave or convex and made to ride along the inner or outer diameter of your rotating artifact. The bearing face is made from porous carbon, and so your artifact rides along a micro thin layer of air, with a stiffness in excess of 160,000 lb/in. These bearings are found in many rotary applications such as turbochargers in high-performance automobiles, compressors, pumps and turbines.

For the turbomachinery sector, we’ve taken our standard line of radial bearings for rotary motion and built a new product line with a focus towards high speed operation supporting large artifacts. This approach has already been validated by partners from both the operational and development sides of industry.

  • Large-scale rotary motion
  • No contact
  • No wear
  • No noise
  • No lubrication needed
  • Excellent velocity control
  • No vibration
  • High speed
  • High stiffness


Leveraging decades of success in rotating equipment with New Way’s Externally Pressurized Porous Media Technology, New-Seal® products are ideal for the toughest sealing challenges across a wide array of industries. The absence of contact and oil removes the burden of routine maintenance, allowing for increased operations time.

Compressors and Refrigeration

The ability to operate on process gasses makes our bearings ideal for refrigeration and compressor applications

Power Generation

Porous media air bearings are modular and highly stiff, ideal for axially constraining rotating artifacts in natural gas turbines and other power generating environments

General Electric’s Research Center already considers porous media air bearings as the next logical step in gas film bearing technology for megawatt class projects

Shaft Balancing

Porous media bearings inherently balance any rotating artifact, removing axial force errors and synchronizing motion errors

Spray Drying

New Way bearings have been successfully integrated and tested in Dedert’s new rotary atomizer, providing resistance from whirl frequencies and stable performance at all operating speeds

Turbomachinery Radial Bearing Product Line

New Way's Turbomachinery Radial Bearing Product Line are available in standard and custom sizes.





Comparision Table

Model # Shaft Size Maximum Speed Flow Consumption @ 60 PSIG (413.7 KPA) Stator Bore Requirement
4.00 in. +.0000/-.0005101.6 mm +0.00/-0.013 15,000 RPM15,000 RPM 50 - 75 SCFH22.3 - 33.5 NLPM 7.000 in. +.002/-.000 177.8 mm +0.05/-0.00
3.00 in. +.0000/-.000576.2 mm +0.00/-0.013 20,000 RPM20,000 RPM 34.5 - 55 SCFH15.4 - 24.6 NLPM 6.000 in. +.002/-.000 152.4 mm +0.05/-0.00
2.00 in. +.0000/-.000550.80 mm +0.00/-0.013 30,000 RPM30,000 RPM 16 - 25 SCFH7.1 - 11.2 NLPM 5.000 in. +.002/-.000 127.00 mm +0.05/-0.00

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