Turbomachinery Gas Bearings


Turbomachinery Gas Bearings

New Way Air Bearings® your trusted source for advanced turbomachinery gas bearings. Our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way high-power turbomachinery operates, offering efficient and oil-free solutions for a wide range of applications.

Drawing from our own extensive testing, product specifications, and the expertise of our Chief Technology Officer, Drew Devitt, we delve deeper into the merits of porous media air bearings for maximally-loaded turbomachinery applications. Our scalable radial air bearings, utilized in rotor balancing and high-speed rotary applications, excel in highly-loaded shaft scenarios. With a modular design, we can apply multiple bearings in load-bearing positions to support even heavier shaft applications.

One of the key advantages of our porous media air bearings is their ability to handle touchdown and sliding friction. The compression strength of our porous carbon, a fundamental component of the air film, ensures resilience under unexpected loadings, preventing vibration and damage.

Furthermore, our air bearings strike the perfect balance between stiffness and damping through the squeeze-film effect. Unlike traditional mechanical systems where stiffness and damping are inversely correlated, our air bearings maintain a positive relationship. By optimizing the air gap, we achieve an ideal stiffness-to-damping ratio. In cases where reduced stiffness is required while maintaining damping, our air bearing system can be soft mounted

Manufacturability has always been a concern in gas-film bearings. Complex designs and wear between bearing and shaft often pose challenges. However, at New Way Air Bearings, we have mastered the art of producing consistently high-quality bearings. Our in-house design and machining capabilities ensure seamless manufacture without compromising performance.

To validate our claims and demonstrate the superiority of our air bearings, we have conducted independent testing. The results speak for themselves: our air bearings outperform traditional roller bearing systems and fluid-bearing technology. With a smooth frequency response, free from resonant behavior, our air bearings maintain their exceptional stiffness and damping properties regardless of speed or temperature.

At New Way Air Bearings, we are committed to advancing the field of gas-film bearing technology. We invite you to explore the possibilities of air bearings for turbomachinery applications. Contact us today to discuss how our state-of-the-art air bearings can meet your specific requirements and propel your turbomachinery systems to new heights.

Proven Gas Bearing Technology

Externally Pressurized Porous (EPP) Gas Bearings for Rotating Equipment is targeted to rotating equipment, both small, high speed machines where they replace foil or rolling element bearings and large turbines, motor generators, compressors, (where they replace oil hydrodynamic or magnetic bearings). EPP gas bearings have load capacities to 400 psi, can withstand temperatures compatible to 400C°, near zero friction, and near zero cross coupled stiffness.

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