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SS-75SS-75 – 75mm “T” Series Air Spindle

75mm “T” Series Air Spindle

75mm "T" Series Air Spindle

The “T-Series” Spindles are an ideal assembly for building frictionless rotary motion, New Way spindles provide a fast, effective, precision out of the box solution. In either square or round stator configurations, this new product line gives you all the differential advantages of New Way porous media technology.

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Title Specifications
Size 3.0 in75 mm
SKU SS-75SS-75
Input Pressure 60 psi0.41 MPa
Axial Load 64 lbs286 (N)
Radial Load 26 lbs117 (N)
Axial and Radial Error Motion 3.9 μin0.1 (uM)
Max. Speed 13274 (RPM)13274 (RPM)
Average No Load Flow 28.0 SCFH12.11 NLPM


SS-75 Drawing


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