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Design Basics


Learn About Air Bearing and Porous Media Technology™ Advantages from New Way®

New Way® provides design basics for air bearings in two parts: Designing with Air Bearings and Technology Comparison.

Part I: Designing with Air Bearings

In the first segment, New Way covers the design basics, discussing how the “zero friction” characteristics of this non-contacting component solve the problems of friction, wear, and lubrication associated with traditional contacting roller bearings, especially in precision position and high-speed applications.

New Way also details the benefits of porous media technology™ for achieving the compensating effect in air bearings that provides for a more controlled airflow over the surface. A more detailed guide (available for free download) offers an in-depth explanation of air bearing types, characteristics, products, and uses. A comparison chart outlines the benefits, costs, and performance of different air bearings to help in selecting the most suitable option for a particular application. Detailed design and implementation tips, with drawings and explanations, help the designer integrate air bearings in new applications and retrofits with the correct configuration and air supply. For those interested in air bearing history, New Way provides a timeline of events starting from the late 19th century to modern times.

Part II: Technology Comparison

The technology comparison sizes air bearings next to traditional roller bearings, outlining significant performance benefits including:

  • Precision Positioning for smooth, frictionless motion close to theoretical perfection
  • Elimination of Unwanted Motion and associated errors
  • No Lubrication Requirements that can contaminate environments
  • Higher acceleration capabilities for today’s higher speed applications
  • Magnitude Higher Speed than conventional roller element bearings
  • Zero Wear for reduced maintenance and constituent machine characteristics
  • Zero Friction for more exact motion

Designing with Air Bearings

If you need an air bearing primer, this is the place to start. It offers you some air bearing basics, addresses the advantages of New Way Porous Media™ technology, and concludes with a comparison of competitive technologies.

Technology Comparisons

Porous media air bearings are a disruptive technology. They provide advantages that traditional rolling element bearings, or even conventional orifice air bearings, simply cannot. Make the comparison for yourself here.

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