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S209001S209001 – 90mm VPL Air Bearing


90mm VPL Air Bearing

Largest of the New Way vacuum preloaded air bearing line, the 90mm size provides the scale necessary for more significant load-carrying capability. Because both the “x” and “y” axes can be supported by a single bearing plane, this VPL offers advantages that conventional air bearings cannot touch. It is also easy to apply, replace or change.

Title Specifications
Size 90mm90mm
SKU S209001S209001
Input Pressure 0.41 MPa (60 psi)0.41 MPa
Input Vacuum 15 in Hg15 in Hg
Ideal Load 34 lbs150 N
Stiffness 0.25 lbs/μ in43 N/micron
Maximum Hold-Down Force at 68kPa 58.5 lb260 N
Flow 3.15 SCFH1.48 NLPM
Fly Height 5 microns5 microns
Bearing Size 90mm90mm
Bearing Height 0.866 in22 mm
Bearing Weight 0.69 lbs306 grams
Housing Material/Finish Aluminum/AnodizedAluminum/Anodized
Porous Media Material CarbonCarbon
Bearing Face Surface Size - Carbon 62.4mm ID x 88.2mm OD62.4mm ID x 88.2mm OD
Flatness 0.001 mm (0.00004 in)0.001 mm
Mounting FlexureFlexure
Pressure Port M5M5
Vacuum Port M5M5
Viable Pressure Range 0.414 - 0.552 MPa (60 - 80 psi)0.414 - 0.552 MPa
Maximum Allowable Pressure Supply 0.689 MPa (100 psi)0.689 MPa
Resolution InfiniteInfinite
Maximum Speed 50m/sec50m/sec
Common Guide Surfaces Granite, hard-coated aluminum, ceramics, glass, stainless steel, plated steelGranite, hard-coated aluminum, ceramics, glass, stainless steel, plated steel
Suggested Guide Surface Finish 16 RMS16 RMS


Mounting Details for 90mm Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing

S209001 – 90mm Diameter
S8010F01 – #3/8-80 THD
S8010F02 – #3/8-40 THD