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New Way’s Linear Slide Products—Improve Your Manufacturing Today

New Way’s Linear Slide Products—Improve Your Manufacturing Today

Experience the Benefits of Frictionless Motion®️ with New Way’s Linear Slides

New Way Air Bearings’ ® Linear Slides Frictionless Motion®️ technology is backed by air bearing design know-how that provides innovative solutions to your manufacturing needs. Traditional mechanical bearing problems of wear and lubricant use can potentially lead to bearing failures between moving parts. Frictionless motion technology overcomes these traditional mechanical bearing issues. The key to New Way’s Frictionless Motion®️ is Porous Media Technology™ that utilizes a porous carbon material inherent with millions of sub-micron holes. Frictionless motion is created by a thin yet robust air film evenly distributed across the entire bearing surface.

How Are New Way’s Linear Slides Benefiting Industry Today?

New Way’s technology and products for linear motion provide the precision and stringent alignment requirements needed in today’s industrial processes. Read more about current uses of air bearings, including linear slide in Five Industries Using Air Bearings. These examples demonstrate how New Way’s linear slide technology is used to manufacture high-tech products such as Flat Panel Displays (FPD,) Photovoltaic (PV) panels, optics and semiconductor products, and testing equipment needed in the aerospace industry’s simulation of weightless conditions. Traditional mechanical bearings systems would not have the stringent requirements to meet the demands of these high-tech industries.

Non-Conventional Applications for New Way’s Linear Slides

linear slidesCan New Way’s linear slide technology be used in other industries? Yes! New Way has been involved in emerging industries that have opportunities for Frictionless Motion®️ technology. For instance, read how Linear Motion for Vehicle Testing benefits from the frictionless technology of New Way’s Linear Slides and related linear motion products.

Other applications offer an opportunity for the use of New Way’s Linear Slides as technologies develop. See how New Way partnered with the Drexel Hyperloop Team to provide some possible solutions to the linear motion applications to Elon Musk’s proposed, and futuristic, Hyperloop transportation system. Linear slides would be a possible solution to the technically challenging requirements for this proposed transportation system.

Learn How New Way’s Linear Slide Technology Can be Customized for Your Manufacturing Processes

Learn more about what we have to offer in the way of frictionless linear slide products and how you can improve your manufacturing processes by using them. New Way’s Linear Slides offer higher precision by utilizing porous graphite technology to provide a frictionless interface between the bearing guide surfaces with an even cushion of air. Our engineers are ready to assist with your applications, and customize the use of linear slides to fit your needs.

If you would like additional information on New Way’s Linear Slides, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and we will respond to your request promptly.

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