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Linear Slides

  • The simplest of the New Way® Air Bearings line of linear motion assemblies, end-supported air slides provide a precise, integrated linear motion solution ready-fit for installation. Designed specifically for situations where continuous support is impossible or impractical, these assemblies are engineered to minimize guidebar sag and provide straightness of motion and dynamic response often an order-of-magnitude better than conventional rolling-element bearings.
  • New Way® dovetail air slides combine an accurate guide with an air slide ready-fit for installation. The dovetail guidebar can be end-supported, or continuously-supported. A continuously-supported dovetail will prevent the guidebar sag that can occur with a long span end-supported configuration. The dovetail air slide features New Way's lowest profile linear track, and a slightly longer stage than our other offerings.
  • New Way® boxway air slides are the organization's original integrated slide-and-guide assembly. The guidebar for the boxway can be end-supported, or continuously-supported (preventing the sag inherent in long span end-supported configurations). Featuring a low profile linear track, and a slightly wider stage than the New Way dovetail, the boxway also provides the largest load-carrying capacity and the longest travel length of all the options in the New Way line of assemblies.
  • The airway™ linear motion guide system is engineered for simple swap-out with conventional rolling element bearing systems. This new designed-to-order assembly enables customers to remove the existing truck and rail, replace them with the airway, connect an air supply, and immediately experience the benefits of Frictionless Motion.™