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Image of silicon wafer produced by the semiconductor industry.

Precision and cleanliness are critical to semiconductor manufacturing operations. New Way Air Bearings offers several products ideal for the stringent requirements for semiconductor applications including:

  • Wafer Inspection
  • Wafer Repair
  • Wafer Probing
  • Ion Implantation

Our Porous Media Technology™ delivers non-contact motion via a stiff and even cushion of air, removing the need for lubrication and enabling nano-level precision at high speeds. Even distribution of the air minimizes concerns of crashes and their damaging effects.

New Way products also meet Class 1 (ISO class 3) cleanliness, with airborne particulate concentrate limits of less than 1,000 x 0.1μm particles / m3. Our porous carbon design serves as a sub-micron filter for particulates, eliminating concerns of contamination and outgassing concerns.

This unique combination of features inherent to all New Way products affords semiconductor manufacturers the opportunity to improve operational efficiencies, without sacrificing precision and quality.

Applications for the Semiconductor Industry

Linear Motion

New Way offers several products designed for the straightness and short-stroke linear motion operations for wafer production in the semiconductor industry. Our flat round and flat rectangular bearings were originally designed for use in Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), holding a high standard of precision suitable for the semiconductor industry. Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings are a permutation of the flat round air bearing. VPLs enables optimization of the fly-height and stiffness through adjustment of vacuum and pressure.

Our large range of Air Bushings coupled with a shaft allows semiconductor customers to construct linear stages, delivering precision without the impacts of heat often experienced from ball-bearing systems.

Linear Air Slides are a popular choice among our semiconductor customers as they provide an integrated guide and bearing system. New Way offers several different styles of slides all of which offer improved performance over traditional conventional rolling element bearing-based slides.

Rotary Motion

New Way offers several options for precision rotary tables, accommodating a range of precision, for use in wafer inspection and other semiconductor operations.

Depending on your requirements, Air Bushings can be paired with our Flat Round Air Bearings to create a precision rotary table. Additionally, Air Spindles can be used to provide the next level of precision for a rotary solution. Each of these solutions is capable of being paired with a motor/encoder to meet your desired specifications.

New Way also offers Servo-Driven Rotary Stages, a fully integrated solution featuring our Air Spindles combined with a brushless, slotless motor, and an encoder offered in standard and high-resolution.


Air Bars provide a non-contact method to conveying wafers suitable for use in a cleanroom environment. New Way offers several different types of Air Bars which offer varying levels of control, including our Precision Zone Air Bars, ideal for wafer probing and inspection.

Benefits of Air Bearings

  • Sub-nanometer repeatability
  • High speed
  • High stiffness
  • Straighter motion
  • Zero wear
  • Zero vibration
  • Reduced noise


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Air Bars
air bars
Air Bars

Air Bushings
Air Bushings

Bonded Bearings
bonded bearings
Bonded Bearings

Flat Rectangular Air Bearings
rectangle bearings
Flat Rectangular Air Bearings

Flat Round Air Bearings
round bearings
Flat Round Air Bearings

Servo-Driven Rotary Stages
New Way's Servo-Driven Rotary Stages RT-100.
Servo-Driven Rotary Stages

Linear Slides
linear slides
Linear Slides

Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings
vacuum preloaded
Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings

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