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Air Supply Fittings

  • The New Way quick disconnect air fitting makes connection and disconnection of air lines easier. Like other fittings, the threaded end screws into the housing of an air bearing. Unlike other air fittings, the other end has no external barb. The air supply tubing is simply pushed into the 'orange' end of the fitting. To release the tubing, you simply push in, compressing the orange section, while pulling out on the tubing.
  • The threadless connection air fitting allows the splitting and linking air supply tubing. It is used solely as an inline connection, and is offered in nine different configurations enabling a different size and number of tubes. Unlike the other New Way air fittings, the threadless connection is not threaded into the housing of a bearing.
  • The ‘T' Style Air Fitting is used to connect more than one bearing using a single airline. Shaped like a T, one end is threaded for insertion into the housing of a bearing. The other end is barbed on both the left and right. This T shape allows for the connection of multiple bearings sequentially using one airline. Nine sizes are available to meet your specific configuration needs.
  • The New Way right angle air fitting is true to its name. This configuration may give you more flexibility when you need to connect your air bearing to a compressed air supply in a tight space. The threaded end of this brass fitting is the supply interface for your bearing. After a perpendicular turn, the barbed end allows for your air supply tube to seat, and afix securely. Available in nine sizes to meet your configuration needs.
  • New Way straight air fittings are your simplest option for connecting an airline to your air bearing. On one end of this brass fitting is a barb, which allows for the air supply tube to seat, and affix securely, on the fitting. The other end is threaded, enabling you to insert the fitting into the bearing, and tighten. These fittings come in nine different sizes to provide you with your required fitting size and air supply tube ID.