Food Processing


Beverage World
Published seven times a year, Beverage World covers the beverage industry with separate US and Global editions. Editorial content includes news, trends, company information and more.

Candy Industry
Candy Industry Magazine covers the confectionery industry’s global need for market information on a monthly basis.

Dairy Foods
A monthly magazine, Dairy Foods provides the dairy market with current information of importance to the industry.

Food and Drink Magazine
This bi-monthly magazine covers issues within the food and beverage industry, including news that influences the industry, profiles, company information, best practices and more.

Food Engineering
A monthly magazine, Food Engineering covers topics such as operations and manufacturing management for food processing.

Food Manufacturing
Food Manufacturing Magazine covers processing manufacturing and operations for the food and beverage market, with the objective of increasing performance and productivity.

Food Processing
A monthly publication, Food Processing covers new product development, process considerations and critical issues surrounding bringing a product successfully to market.

Food Product Design
This monthly magazine is edited for research and development professionals, informing them for the effective purchase and preparation of ingredients and flavours into new or reformulated food products.

Food Quality
Food Quality Magazine is a bi-monthly publication written for professionals in the food safety industry.

Nutra Solutions
Nutra Solutions is a special section within Prepared Foods Magazine, published seven times a year. The purpose of the publication is to provide solutions for the development and marketing of nutritional products.

Nutritional Outlook
Nutritional Outlook Magazine is published to be a resource for manufacturers of vitamins and dietary supplements. Nine editions per year provide timely news and information that affects the nutrition business.

Prepared Foods
Prepared Foods Magazine is a monthly publication involved with ingredients for food, beverage and nutritional product development.

Sugar Journal
The Sugar Journal is a monthly technical publication reporting on industry. Its covers the cane, beet and corn production; processing and refining, as well as industry trends.

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