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Conversions and Equivilents


With the proliferation of information available on the web today, and elsewhere, it’s useful to have a single place to go to find what you’re looking for. When you need a quick conversion or equivalent measure, try one of the tested utilities or web sites below.


Find information on general conversions and equivalents, along with many other useful resources.

Engineers Edge

Here are engineering conversions and equivalents from Engineers Edge.


Convert It is a program which converts more than 200 unit types in seven main categories: length, weight, volume, area, density, power and count. Available on our website is a link to download the program Convert.exe

Pressure Units

Here are two handy conversion calculators for some common pressure terms. Available on our site is a link to the website where these conversion calculators are accessible.

The History of Measurements

A complete overview of the history of measurements. From the early basic concepts and how man has developed the concept of measurements over time.
(Special thanks to Amy and Courtney)

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