Jim Bryan


James B. Bryan is the founding father of modern precision engineering, pure and simple. The field continues to seek out his insight and expertise today, though he retired in 1986. During his formal career, he spent 31 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). He started there in 1955, working directly with Ernest O. Lawrence, Nobel laureate and LLNL founding director. Bryan left his own significant mark. His contributions to precision science and metrology created the foundation on which the entire field is based today.

Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

July 7, 2007 Issue
Masters of Manufacturing Series: James B. Bryan
by Jim Lorincz, Senior Editor

This is the sixth annual installment in a series of articles Manufacturing Engineering Magazine calls Masters of Manufacturing. In these articles, the publication honors a distinguished figure in manufacturing technology, reminding readers that a career of great achievement in manufacturing is still possible.


Jim Bryan School of Metrology Certification

October 27, 2003
Metrologist Degree bestowed upon Andrew J. Devitt
by the James B. Bryan School of Metrology, founded 1955

Document reads: To all whom it may concern, Greeting. Be it known that the person named hereon has completed the curriculum required of candidates, thereupon Andrew J. Devitt is hereby conferred the degree of Metrologist, with all the rights, privileges, and honors thereunto, given in Livermore, state of California, this twenty-ninth day of May, nineteen hundred and eighty six.

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