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Industrial Construction


Air Bearings for Manufacturing and Industrial Construction

The global construction industry is slated to reach 13.5 Trillion in 2024. Construction has long been at the forefront of materials, material handling, design, and construction technologies. Keeping in that legacy, New Way Air Bearings® is excited to bring Porous Media Technology™ to the construction industry.

Tower cranes on a large construction site in front of a setting sun

New Way brings robust bearing solutions to manufacturing and industrial construction in an industry that turns labor and material efficiencies into a competitive advantage. Our air bearings can be used alone or integrated into your current processes. You don’t have to recreate the wheel or add an entirely new process to take advantage of the benefits that Porous Media Technology offers.

Applications for Construction

Rotary Motion

Air bearings can replace contract bearings to provide high-speed rotary motion.

Radial Air Bearings, Air Spindles, and Thrust Bushings all enable rotary motion through simple, retrofit-ready designs. Our rotary motion products are the comprehensive solution to contact bearing replacement for a wide array of equipment used throughout the manufacturing and industrial construction industries. Non-contact Porous Media air bearings provide advantages that traditional rolling element bearings—and even conventional orifice air bearings— cannot.

Linear Motion

New Way’s Flat Round and Rectangular Air Bearings float on a 5µm layer of air, delivering a positive air flow in the gap creating an air seal or wiper effect to keep contaminants away from the bearing surface. For linear motion applications, New Way also offers four different types of standard slide assemblies, which facilitate an accurate guide surface with an air slide ready-fit for installation. Our bearings are the ideal choice for tooling assemblies requiring stiffness and damping.


  • Non-contact, frictionless motion
  • No lubrication
  • Nanometer resolution
  • Zero contamination
  • Zero vibrations
  • Zero wear

Want to learn more?

Discover how Porous Media Technology can be implemented into your industrial construction or manufacturing processes. Click here to learn how our air bearings are retrofitted to be a drop-in replacement solution in many applications or contact our Application Engineers any time to discuss your specific needs.

Rotary Motion
Spindle on an industrial lathe.
Rotary Motion

For constraining and supporting the outer or inner diameter of a rotating assembly.

Linear Motion Bearings
precision machine tool
Linear Motion Bearings

For unparalleled straightness of motion over metal or stone guideways.

Air Bushings
Air Bushings

Air Spindles
air spindles product by new way air bearings
Air Spindles

Radial Air Bearings
radial bearings
Radial Air Bearings

Thrust Bushings
thrust bushings
Thrust Bushings

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