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Computed Tomography


Computed Tomography (CT) imaging machines utilize high-speed rotating X-ray assemblies to perform applications including:

  • Medical Imaging
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Security Scanners

New Way Air Bearings delivers a unique combination of high-speed and precision through our Porous Media Technology™. Non-contact motion is delivered via a stiff and even cushion of air, enabling higher rotation speeds and precision than conventional bearings can provide. The design eliminates wear while simultaneously removing noise concerns particularly bothersome for medical scanning.

This unique combination of features offers increased throughput at nano-levels of precision, delivering greater image resolution for the detection critical to CT imaging operations, while simultaneously removing burdensome maintenance costs.

Applications for Computed Tomography Imaging

Rotary Motion
The New Way product line equips manufacturers with a range of options for use in high-speed rotating assemblies ideal for use in CT applications.

New Way Radial Air Bearings are popular for use in medical CT imaging applications. By offering both concave and convex designs, Radial Air Bearings are able to ride inside or outside a rotating artifact. The non-contact motion removes concerns of heat build-up and vibration, enabling more accurate scanning.

New Way Servo-Driven Rotary Stages provide a cohesive package for customers looking for their own precision rotary table. Servo-Driven Rotary Stages feature New Way Air Spindles to deliver non-contact, high-speed precision operations, combined with a brushless, slotless motor, and an encoder offered in standard and high-resolution. Servo-Driven Rotary stages offer customers superior precision and a crash-resistant design unattainable by orifice-based air bearing designs.

New Way offers several options for creating your own precision rotary table, accommodating a range of precision and flexibility for customers. For the highest precision, Air Spindles can be purchased individually. Another option is to pair Air Bushings with our Flat Round Air Bearings. Both of these options enable customers to integrate a motor and encoder of their choice.

Whether you are in the market for a complete solution, or components to create your own, New Way’s product line offers a suite of options for CT manufacturers.

Benefits of Air Bearings

  • Superior Precision
  • Crash Resistant
  • Increased Throughput
  • Zero Wear
  • High Speed
  • Zero Vibration
  • High Stiffness
  • Reduced Noise

Any Questions?

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Rotary Motion
Spindle on an industrial lathe.
Rotary Motion

For constraining and supporting the outer or inner diameter of a rotating assembly.

Air Bushings
Air Bushings

Air Spindles
air spindles product by new way air bearings
Air Spindles

Servo-Driven Rotary Stages
New Way's Servo-Driven Rotary Stages RT-100.
Servo-Driven Rotary Stages

Flat Round Air Bearings
round bearings
Flat Round Air Bearings

Radial Air Bearings
radial bearings
Radial Air Bearings

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