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Retrofit Revolution: How Modern Servo-Driven Rotary Stages Transform Old Processes

Retrofit Revolution: How Modern Servo-Driven Rotary Stages Transform Old Processes

New Technology Offers Incredible Benefits

As evolving technology has changed what is possible for precision industries, the standards for durable, consistent, and ultra-tight resolution have only risen. This can pose a problem for the older machines many companies and research bodies still use. A specialized measurement device can cost tens of thousands of dollars, making the adoption of emerging technology a strain on the budget. Fortunately, New Way® Air Bearings has an answer: servo-driven rotary stage retrofit bearings.

By offering our Porous Media™ air bearings in specialized sizes, New Way allows older processes to implement the benefits of zero-contact motion. This means that a simple replacement can vastly increase the performance of a machine, only requiring a low-pressure air source. And, with the added durability and crash resistance of porous carbon, machines will last even longer than before.

Industries Where Servo-Driven Rotary Stages Are Making Waves

3D illustration of clay car inside a wind tunnel.Automotive Inspection

With a staggering 1.42 billion cars in the world, the automotive testing industry needs the highest level of technology available for safety and performance testing. This ranges from testing seats and chassis against acceleration to wind tunnels for Formula One race cars accurately simulating road velocity as well as wind speed.

Retrofitting air bearings in the automotive industry opens a world of new possibilities for creating the best possible results for the market. Compared to conventional bearings, air bearings are capable of rotating at far higher speeds, allowing car manufacturers to better test the limits of new automobiles. Additionally, non-contact motion means a reduced chance of catastrophic failure and crash resistance due to the way air is pushed through the graphite substrate.

Astronomy Research

Observatory telescope pointing through open roof.The massive scale of research telescopes provides unique challenges that only the highest level of technology can meet. In order to focus on a single body, nanometer precision is required to move and focus the equipment. That’s why when the Keck Observatory in Kamuela, Hawaii needed to update their angular measurement device, they chose New Way bearings for the rotary encoder.

Servo-driven rotary stages are ideal for this variety of encoder. The integrated device combines the durable, non-contact action of porous graphite air bearings with the capability of achieving resolutions up to 1.10 arcsec. By combining two powerful features into a single design, the work of retrofitting large, complex research applications is made far simpler.

Medical Technology

When it comes to industries where precision is an absolute necessity, few are as high-stakes as medical technology. X-ray inspection machines require perfectly smooth motion to create accurate, high-resolution images. Implementing precision rotary tables with Porous Media air bearings eliminates vibrations that could distort the clarity of a vital test.

Young woman patient standing in X-ray machine. Panoramic radiography.Additionally, robotic surgery is seeing rapid adoption by hospitals across the globe. These devices need to flawlessly recreate the subtle movement of surgeons in order to successfully complete detailed operations. When a mechanical flaw could mean a lost patient, zero-vibration, zero-error motion is the only solution.

Manufacturing Inspection Industry

Precision parts production requires quick, consistent, and highly accurate measurement. Retrofitting with servo-driven rotary stages answers that call. For probe metrology processes, consistent, vibration-free motion makes detecting defects easier and more efficient. At the same time, air bearings can move at higher speeds than their conventional counterparts, and eliminate hysteresis error, increasing output and accuracy, even on highly complex parts.

That’s why New Way manufactures retrofit bearings specifically designed for compatibility in Sheffield CMM machines, making it a seamless process to retrofit these popular devices. This combination of speed and control is also why manufacturing automation original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like +Vantage are integrating air bearings into their products. In short, whether the machine is new or old, the power of Frictionless Motion®️ offers unmatched value to applications in the inspection industry.

Now Is the Time for Precision Industries to Upgrade

If you are considering retrofitting an old machine, New Way air bearings make the most of your machine. The fact is, upgrading with non-contact bearings not only increases precision, but also gives you a durable, crash-resistant platform that will last far longer than conventional bearings. Precision industries are demanding more than ever, and a retrofit with servo-driven rotary stages will keep your process on the leading edge while making a wise investment in the future.

Make the Difference in Your Process Today!

To learn more about how air bearings are overcoming the challenges facing precision industries today, download our medical applications eBook! Or, contact us anytime to discuss how the power of Porous Media Technology™ will transform your custom application.

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