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Web Handling Applications

A natural extension of New Way’s successful non-contact flat panel display (FPD) glass conveyor systems, the organization has already developed a number of products which enable non-contact web handling. This includes our Air Turn, Spherical, Thrust and radial air bearing product line. You’ll find more specific information about such applications below. More importantly, New Way already has other web handling concepts in research and development, and does not shy away from development partners looking for solutions that can only be provided by our Porous Media™ technology.

Air Turns

To allow contactless passive conveyance of flexible substrates in roll-to-roll processes, the Air Turn is developed as an alternative to conventional ‘contact’ rollers. New Way Air Bearings’ established Porous Media technology provides a thin and stiff air layer on a cylindrical surface that supports the moving substrate and allows any bending angle up to 180°. By avoiding any mechanical contact with the substrate, defects and contamination in roll-to roll production of flexible electronics can be greatly reduced.

Spherical Air Bearings

New Way Air Bearings® manufactures custom spherical air bearings ideal for use in web roll-to-roll applications. These scalable components support a sphere on a thin layer of air, providing all the benefits of frictionless motion. These non-contact bearings provide for infinite resolution, nanometer error motions, high speed, high stiffness, zero wear, and smooth, silent operation without vibration. Further, no lubrication is required. New Way Porous Media TechnologyTM distributes air pressure uniformly across the entire bearing surface through millions of sub-micron sized holes, while simultaneously restricting and damping the air flow. A vacuum pre-load can also be added. The result is a whole new level of accuracy and control.

Thrust Bushings

New Way® Thrust Air Bushings make air bearing technology readily-available to designers who want to replace traditional roller ball bearings with zero maintainence, faster speed, zero friction porous media air bearings. The thrust bushing design allows for radial motion with axial constraint.

These thrust air bushings consist of a porous carbon sleeve encased in an aluminum housing with a porous carbon thrust face encased in a aluminum housing. They typically mount inside a bore. The recommended bore can be found in the specifications on the individual component page.