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Air Bushings 101

Air Bushings 101

New Way’s Air Bushings Can Meet Your Needs

A bushing is a mechanical device typically used for containing a shaft or cylinder but allowing free rotation. Pretty simple? But now consider how you can reduce the friction of the rotating shaft. How can this be accomplished? New Way has the answer! Our air bushings can provide a virtually frictionless bushing application using our Porous Media Technology. This technology has been designed with a porous carbon material to control air flow to the face of the bushing. Air is delivered through this permeable carbon material that is formed with millions of holes to allow the distribution of air. In other words, porous media utilizes a carbon material inherent with sub-micron holes. A thin yet robust air film is created across the entire bearing surface providing an even distribution. This removes the concern of pressure gradients and as a result is able to provide greater precision on a consistent basis.The superiority of porous media is why it is New Way’s choice for air bearing design for all its products.

Read more and watch Drew’s Views on Air Bushings, part of an informative video series on New Way’s website to learn how these bushings are engineered for easy installation and assurance of proper alignment. Once the installation is complete, all that remains is to provide a 60 psi air supply with very low air flow through a small tube fitting on the air bushing. The air bushings are even color coded, black for imperial sizes and blue for metric sizes, to avoid any confusion or mis-application.

Discover the Benefits of Air Bushings

  • Eliminates contact with rotating equipment, such as a shaft, during operation
  • Holds a design height between the bushing and the rotating assembly
  • Provides a greater level of control with air pressure
  • Ensures non-contact surface with an air film that acts as a stiff barrier

Applications for Air Bushings

Essentially all manufacturing processes use rotating equipment to some degree, such as shafts and other components that are restrained by bushings. Therefore, these applications may offer an opportunity to be upgraded with the use of air bushings to operate essentially frictionless. Consider the following applications as examples that use bushings and would be good candidates for upgrading to New Way’s air bushings:

You might also want to know that New Way’s air bushings can be used in ways that you might not consider initially. Here is one example of an interesting application of how New Way’s air bushings were used to create a fantastic light show. Read more about how this was done in a recent customer proven solution, Air Bushings designed in a large pendulum wave.

Other Applications

Ready to consider other applications for how you can use air bushings? New Way can help! Our line of air bushings is engineered to fit your needs and will help meet your specific requirements. We know that your applications can be unique and complex, and that’s why we welcome the challenge to support you. Take that first step and consider looking for innovative ways to improve your manufacturing process with New Way Air Bearings.

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