Overcome the Challenges Facing the Medical Industry with Air Bearings

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Learn Five Air Bearing Applications for Advancing Medical Technology

Innovation in the medical industry has exploded in the last decade. From advanced testing to life-saving surgeries, people have more options than ever before for managing health issues and navigating life-threatening conditions.

Many of these advancements are a direct result of the progress made within the precision industry. Moving forward though, precision alone won’t be enough.

Besides, what good is a precise medical test unless the results can be repeated?

Can you rely on the system’s results after it has experienced a failure? How does a failure impact the long-term operation?

These questions have resulted in medical manufacturers facing challenging requirements in:

– Precision

– Reliability

– Durability

New Way® Air Bearings has more than 30 years of experience providing this combination of stringent requirements. We’ve created an eBook to explain how Porous MediaTM Air Bearings are uniquely designed to address the demands facing medical manufacturers.

In Air Bearings: Transforming the Future of the Medical Industry, you’ll find:

Examples of proven use within Computed Tomography (CT)
Test case data comparing long-term wear of orifice and porous media designs
Overview of Porous Media Air Bearing technology
Five air bearings applications for the next generation of medical care.

In the end, you’ll understand how New Way’s Porous Media Air Bearings are able to overcome the rigorous requirements facing the medical industry.

So, what are you waiting for?

To download our eBook, Air Bearings: Transforming the Future of the Medical Industry, simply complete the form below.


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