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How Nanotechnology Impacts Emerging and Existing Applications in 2022

How Nanotechnology Impacts Emerging and Existing Applications in 2022

Nanotechnology Applications 2022

Nanotechnology continues to make inroads into every corner of our lives. With the atom-smashing Hadron Collider back online and the James Webb Space Telescope delivering space images with clarity and detail that have never before been seen, nanotechnology is at the forefront of many of our most exciting technological breakthroughs.

Boat propellers on a ship in a dry dock

Advancements in nanotechnology are turning ideas and sketches into real-world solutions. Just as nanotechnology is at the forefront of many scientific advancements, New Way® Air Bearings is leading the charge and enabling advancements that were previously unattainable without our Porous Media Technology™. Here are just a few examples of how New Way is helping nanotechnology impact medicine and marine applications today.


3D Printing

Medical applications need precision and operational efficiency. New Way products such as Flat Round Air Bearings and Linear Slides are the perfect solution to deliver the low-maintenance, high-precision linear motion necessary to accurately print human tissues like skin, ligaments, and tendons, as well as orthopedic implants and implant components. 3D printing provides the perfect fit and finish to improve patients comfort, and lower the patient’s risk of infection.

Robotic Procedures

Performing human operations with a surgical robot requires extremely tight tolerances. During a procedure, the slight movement of a surgeon’s finger can be the difference between a successful and faulty procedure. Air Bearing solutions operate within the tight tolerances required to perform a successful surgery. Our friction-free air bearing solutions eliminate hysteresis errors, making them ideal for a wide variety of robotic applications.

CT Imaging

 Patient going in CT Scanner

Air Bearings bring their quiet, frictionless radial motion to CT scanners to deliver highly accurate scans for today’s precision testing and diagnostic demands. Air bearings provide unmatched precision along linear guideways, both along a single axis and in a two-axis gantry configuration. Rotational speeds can be up to 10 times faster than a comparable system built on roller bearings.

Medical Wearables

Flexible materials are necessary for practical implementation of technology on wearable media. New Way Air Turns use uniform pressure to turn or move a web through a manufacturing process without wrinkles or any contact. This revolutionary process is the perfect application for wearable manufacturing with zero backlash, near-zero friction, minimal thermal impact, and a crash-resistant design. Wearables must withstand the rigors of manufacturing and daily use in the real world, and our products provide the durable manufacturing to match.

Marine Applications

Operation in Marine Environments

3D printing broken hip bone piece

Air bearings are fully functional underwater and on wet surfaces, providing lubricant-free motion to a wide variety of marine applications. Saltwater marine environments can destroy traditional contact bearings. This challenging environment exposes contact bearings to failures such as spalling, fretting, and cavitation erosion. Air bearings are not affected by the harsh marine environment, making them the superior choice for precision marine applications.

Propeller Balancing

Specifically designed for balancing operations, balance bearings are ideal for precision marine applications such as propellor balancing. The self-centering properties of the air bearing solution ensures an exact alignment with the axis of rotation to facilitate perfect propeller balance. Traditional contact bearings are prone to spalling which results in balancing issues that may not be easily corrected until the bearings are replaced.

Whether you are looking for a new solution or you want to retrofit air bearings to an existing application, our porous media nano technology can benefit you. Learn what New Way air bearing solutions can bring to your operation.

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