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Can Air Bearings Be An Enabling Technology For Your Organization?

Can Air Bearings Be An Enabling Technology For Your Organization?

My name is Drew Devitt, and I am the founder, chairman, and chief technology officer of New Way Air Bearings. We are the world’s leading independent manufacturer of modular air bearing products, and provider of porous media air bearing solutions. New Way was incorporated in 1994, but we have actually been manufacturing these precision non-contact components since the early 1980s.

We have been awarded four patents, and we protect a significant amount of proprietary technology, process, and information. Personally, I have authored numerous articles on the subjects surrounding the application of Frictionless Motion®️. I’ve also served as president of the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE).

Needless to say, at New Way we know a lot about porous media air bearings. Arguably, we know more about them than any other organization in the world. We help to set the bar for air bearing performance every day. Our R&D department and our design and production engineers are constantly improving our products to the benefit of our customers. For many of those customers, our air bearings are an enabling technology; one which has allowed them to vault to the top of their market…or to implement an evolutionary design that completely redefines their business.

That is what energizes our organization. And that’s why, earlier this year, we made the decision to start this blog. Because innovation is a two-way street. And we wanted to start the kind of dialogue that the very best blogs create. And although we’ve titled it ‘Drew’s Views,’ we consider those views the launching point for a productive conversation. It’s really all about your views, and a healthy exchange of information that will move all of our organizations forward.

With that in mind, we’ve created a calendar that should enable us to publish bi-weekly. We trust that you’ll find the content interesting and informative. We hope that you’ll share your views on these subjects, and that you’ll return to this blog regularly. And when you have an engineering problem or ‘pain point’ for which you think air bearings may be the answer, this blog will be here to offer suggestions, specifications, support, and solutions.

Of course, you can always find product information on our web site at www.NewWayAirBearings.com. If you’re feeling social, you can also find us on YouTube, on Facebook, and even on Twitter. If you’d prefer even more direct contact, you can reach me directly at ddevitt@NewWayAirBearings.com.

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