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How Air Turns and Porous Media™ are the Future of Immersive Virtual Reality

How Air Turns and Porous Media™ are the Future of Immersive Virtual Reality

What a Porous Media™ Web Turn Bar Can Mean for New VR Tech

It’s no secret that virtual reality is the next big thing in media. From video games to job training to the new Facebook metaverse, ubiquity seems to be the inevitable future of VR. This is borne out by the numbers as well. As an industry, the global virtual reality market size was valued at $15.81 billion in 2020. Between 2021 and 2028, the estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be a mindblowing 18.0%.

So where do Air Turns™ come in? The secret is in the accessories. For an industry as large and diverse as VR, there is potential for exciting innovation. However, the biggest field for new development will not necessarily be the systems themselves. Instead, look to the peripherals. Every month, new products emerge to create more detailed, immersive experiences for users. Air bearings provide unique opportunities for industries to take advantage of Porous Media Technology™ in revolutionary ways through VR.

Advanced Motion Capture and Haptic Feedback

The prospect of VR suits is capturing the public mind, with full-body haptic feedback showing potential in all manner of sports- and job-training applications, as well as simply enhancing the experience of video games. These suits incorporate detailed sensors and electrodes into their fabric, allowing for pinpoint biofeedback on every motion in addition to the physical feedback for the user. The price tag on the popular Teslasuit currently runs five digits, but to achieve mass-market accessibility, this type of suit will need manufacturing to catch up.

Surgeon wearing virtual reality headset uses controllers to remotely operate patient with medical robot

Air Turns provide unprecedented control for manufacturers dealing with flexible electronics and sensor-integrated fabrics. The zero-contact action and adjustable fly-height allow for careful handling combined with unparalleled quality control. To produce advanced technology for VR in bulk, the web handling industry needs to be ready, and New Way Air Bearings is offering powerful solutions.

Virtual Reality Treadmills

One of the more iconic images associated with futuristic VR is that of the virtual reality treadmill. Eliminating the need for large, clear spaces, this equipment opens entire worlds of movement previously restricted to users. For applications such as video games of the future Facebook metaverse, easy access to these expansive settings will be facilitated by durable, reliable hardware.

Air bearings offer many advantages to an omnidirectional VR platform. The first is frictionless action. Of course, a truly frictionless surface would be impossible to walk on. But with a baseline of zero-contact motion, resistance can be dialed-in to user preference. The non-contact action also means noise-free, allowing users to focus fully on the game.

This equipment is also ideally suited to air bearings in the realms of durability and maintenance. Because the porous graphite does not directly touch the moving surface, there is no need for messy lubrication. Additionally, there is no wear on parts, meaning far better longevity for the treadmill.

Medical VR Tools and Technology

Virtual reality has dozens of potential applications in the fields of medicine and surgery, and many are already becoming a reality. VR is already being used to train the next generation of surgeons, and was used to assist surgeons at Johns Hopkins early in 2021. Still, perhaps the biggest innovation is the rising potential of VR telesurgery.

Using advanced robotics and controls, surgeons can remotely perform difficult surgeries with extreme precision, allowing experts in their fields to work from anywhere. Of course, to achieve the accuracy necessary to pull off such a surgery, both the input and output data must be flawless. That’s where air bearings come in. In fact, air bearings already show impressive value for the medical industry.

Porous Media products such as servo-mounted rotary stages can be made into rotary encoders with resolutions up to 1.10 arcsec. This allows for painstakingly precise motion to be conveyed with fidelity from the control and through the operating robot arm. The Frictionless Motion®️ of air bearings also eliminates positioning issues and unwanted motion, giving doctors the right tools to accomplish the job.

How Will Your Industry Be the Next to Benefit?

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