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New Way of Conveying with Air Bearings

New Way of Conveying with Air Bearings

Air Bars

Conveying Applications for Flat Panel Displays and Solar Panel Manufacturing

Highly specialized manufacturing applications require a high degree of accuracy and precision, especially conveying systems for the high tech manufacturing of Flat Panel Displays (FPD) and Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels used for the solar energy generation. Air bars and linear slides technology from New Way® Air Bearings can provide improved performance.

With air bars and linear slide products, New Way Air Bearings has the components needed for precise manufacturing and conveying processes The solar energy industry has now become a major factor in the production of electric power. Read about the impact of solar energy on the costs and production of new electrical power generation—Global Investment in Solar Energy – Outshining Traditional Fossil Fuels. So the need for PV solar panels is rapidly rising. New Way is positioned to meet these needs with their air bearing products and engineering expertise. The conveyors used in the solar panel manufacturing process require precise positioning and control. Conveyors for the solar industry have advanced to the point where air bearings are needed to meet these demands. Sometimes the difference in a millimeter can make a big difference in the manufacturing!

Flat Panel Displays have stringent requirements for the processing of the glass. Air bearings eliminate the traditional bearing problems of wear and lubricant use that could potentially lead to bearing failures between the moving parts. New Way’s linear motion technology is backed by air bearing design know-how and innovative solutions to your manufacturing needs. The air cushion carries the load without contact to the moving parts. Maintaining the proper air gap is key to providing the precision and accuracy needed for the process. See New Way’s Application and Design Guide for all the information you will need to design and apply this technology.

Check out what New Way’s products can do for your conveying needs

Air Bars-Conveying-Solar Panel

  • Eliminate contact with the glass during manufacturing
  • Air film provides a stiff barrier to ensure non-contact surface
  • Hold fly height of the glass to with ±5 µm at a fly height of 25 µm
  • Greater level of control using vacuum in conjunction with air pressure

Other Applications

If you are looking for solutions for other linear motion applications, New Way can help. Our line of air bearing products can be engineered to fit your needs and help with meeting your specific requirements. We know that your applications can be unique and complex, that’s why we welcome the challenge to support you. Take that first step to looking for innovative ways to improve your manufacturing process with New Way Air Bearings.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding air bearings to meet your needs, and find out about our extensive line of air bearing products.

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