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Dr. Theresa Burke of IBS reviews New Way Air Bearings

Dr. Theresa Burke of IBS reviews New Way Air Bearings

Dr. Theresa Burke on IBS’s obsession with precision and why they rely on New Way

Over 25 years ago, IBS Precision Engineering desperately needed a non-contact bearing solution for their ultra-precision measurement, positioning and motion system customers.

“We exist to help customers manufacture more accurately,” noted Dr. Theresa Burke, Innovation Director for IBS. “At the time, IBS founder Dr. Henny Spaan recognized that increased accuracy was only possible if friction was eliminated from the equation.”

How IBS found New Way

“During its search for a solution, IBS connected with Jim Bryan, who is widely considered the founding father of modern precision engineering,” said Burke. “As it turns out, Jim was also a mentor to New Way founder and CEO Drew Devitt. So IBS met with Drew and New Way shortly thereafter, and the companies have been working together since 1995.”

The connection grew stronger through the European Society for Precision Engineering (EUSPEN), whose members are very involved in high-end measurement machinery.

“New Way was an active member of EUSPEN, and very active in the industry,” Burke continued. “I’ve known Drew and the New Way Team since 2004 when I started as the Director of EUSPEN (a position she held through 2012).”

Synergy from the start

According to Burke, there has been synergy between the two organizations from the start because they share the same objective: Precision.

“IBS has always been able to draw on New Way for special, customizable design solutions,” Burke noted. “We have used our own modeling and measurement skills to qualify products and then pair them up with New Way. The relationship is truly symbiotic.”

The proof is in the precision

“IBS was initially impressed with New Way’s knowledge on various applications where precision was really necessary,” said Burke. “But knowledge needs to translate to the application you’re interested in. Our Isara 400 is an excellent example.”

The IBS Isara 400 is the world’s most-accurate, multi-probe 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM). It measures large and complex parts to the nanometer level. That level of accuracy is enabled by New Way’s Flat Round Air Bearings, which eliminate stiction, enabling extraordinary resolution and repeatability, as well as a smoother, silent scan.

“We continue to work with New Way due to the guaranteed level of outstanding quality and control for real-world applications we have come to expect,” said Burke.

IBS reviews New Way: It’s the customer’s view that counts

According to Burke, 95% of IBS clients are “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with New Way products and solutions.

“Our customers want to work with people on the leading edge, creating solutions that are fresh and different,” she asserted. “They want to tap the knowledge base of the air bearing expert for guidance and inspiration.

Burke noted that IBS customers also like the range of products that New Way offers…including custom assemblies. She also contended that it is the combination IBS engineering and New Way know-how that allows customers to create solutions with the level of quality assurance they demand for their working environments.

“Our clients demand a repeatable experience, bearing-to-bearing, year-to-year,” Burke said. “This is not necessarily something they get using other manufacturer’s’ products.”

Finally, Burke stressed that success breeds success.

“We recently heard from a customer who told us: ‘We just tried the air bearings in our machine. This is wunderbar! Now we’re trying them for different applications.”

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