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Drew Devitt Introduces New Way’s Standard, Off-The-Shelf Product Line

Drew Devitt Introduces New Way’s Standard, Off-The-Shelf Product Line

Welcome to the May 8, 2012 edition of Drew’s Views. This video post provides an introduction to the New Way standard product line, including Flat Round Air Bearings, Air Bushings, Flat Rectangular Air Bearings, Radial Air Bearings, Spherical Air Bearings, and Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings. To see the video, just click ‘Read More’ and then ‘Play.’

For those of you who may be new to air bearings, this basic introduction will provide you with a strong initial understanding of the basic component configurations and characteristics, as well as the enabling capabilities that these products provide. Even if you already work with one type of New Way air bearing, you may find this overview useful, as it succinctly introduces products with which you may not be familiar, and the advantages they offer. Even experienced mechanical engineers may be surprised by the development of the New Way line and the configurations now available to them.

(Research and development are ongoing, so we encourage you to check back with the Drew’s Views Blog and the New Way Air Bearings web site regularly.)

What better place to begin than the beginning? Drew initiates the video by covering the Flat Round Air Bearings that were New Way’s first product line. In sizes from 25mm through 200mm in diameter, these pucks carry loads from 80N (18lbs) to 7770N (1750lbs).

This flows directly into an overview of Metric and English (Imperial) Air Bushings. Metric Bushings range in size from a 13 to a 75mm ID, and carry loads from 44 to 1245N. English Bushings feature an extra standard size, and run from 0.25-inch through 3.00-inch ID, and carry from 2.75 through 280 lbs.

From there, Drew presents the Flat Rectangular Air Bearing line, which features 11 sizes from 12x24mm through 150x300mm, and carry loads from 36N (8lbs) through 11121N (2500lbs).

Because they use the same housings as the Rectangular Air Bearings, Drew transitions directly to the New Way Radial Air Bearing product line, which feature the same size range. He spends a little bit of time describing the various configurations available, either Convex or Concave, with the radius cut into the Width or Length.

Radial Air Bearings, in turn, provide an excellent segue to Drew’s explanation of New Way Spherical Air Bearings. They, too, feature a radius, but these are cut into the porous media surface of specially-produced Flat Round Air Bearing Housings. Some New Way Spherical Air Bearings are not standard.

Some non-standard Spherical Air Bearing configurations also utilize vacuum, to ensure the function of the ball, even when the bearing itself is upside down.

Drew uses this discussion to transition to new Way Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings (VPLs), which also employ vacuum, especially in lightly-loaded applications. New Way offers VPLs in three standard sizes, 50, 75 and 90mm in diameter. The ideal load runs from 45N (10lbs) through 150N (34lbs).

Drew ends the presentation noting that you can expect future video presentations on New Way Assemblies (including slides and spindles) and also Custom Products.

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