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Holiday Uses For Your Obsolete Ball Bearings!

Holiday Uses For Your Obsolete Ball Bearings!

Welcome to the December 16 edition of Drew’s Views. This entry is not a video blog post, but it does provide a link to New Way’s animated 2011 Holiday Card, which continues our tradition of providing ‘Holiday Uses for Your Obsolete Ball Bearings.’ We hope you’ll take time out during this busy time of year to see it. Click the ‘Read More’ link below for more information.

We think you’ll find this animated card right in line with the spirit of the holidays. The music is festive and full of energy. The animations and videos are light, respectful, fast, and funny!

You’ll find this unique Holiday missive right here.

The ‘Uses’ are beginning to add up now, with this year’s addition of jewelry to the mix. Already they cover a range of attractive Christmas decorations, as well as a popular executive desk toy.

These Uses are ‘environmentally friendly,’ as well. After all, when you recycle or re-use your obsolete ball bearings, they won’t end up in our landfills, or create other environmental anxieties.

(And when you use air bearings, you’ll use less energy, because without contact, there’s no friction to get in your way. So you’ll save money over the lifetime of your application.)

But humbug on the commercial message in the middle of this purely felicitous blog post.

Everyone at New Way wishes you and yours precisely what you need this holiday season (and a frictionless new year).

Looking forward to working with you in 2012!

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