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S3640R S3640R – S3640R – 40mm Diameter

S3640R – 40mm Diameter

S3640R - 40mm Diameter
S3640R S3640R

New Way® manufactures a ‘standard’ line of designed-to-order spherical air bearings. The housings are stocked and awaiting your radial specifications and resolution requirements. The S36 Series offers a wide range of sizes, from 25mm to 200mm, accommodating an even broader array of sphere sizes to fit any application. For example, a 65mm spherical air bearing can be manufactured with a radius from 65mm up to 325mm.

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Title Specifications
Part # S3640R S3640R
Diameter 1.575 in40 mm
T 0.512 in13 mm
R Min 1.575 in40 mm
R Max 7.874 in200 mm
B 0.512 in13 mm
C 0.059 in1.50 mm
K 0.209 in5.3 mm
M 0.850 in21.59 mm
N 0.118 in3 mm
Load at 5μm fly height 40.016 Lb178 N
Stiffness 0.160 lb/μin28 N/μm
Flow 0.063 (ft^3/min)1.79 SLPM
Bearing Weight 0.077 lb35 gm

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