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Thrust Bushings


New Way® Thrust Air Bushings make air bearing technology readily-available to engineers who require radial motion with axial constraint. The Air Bearing Thrust Bushings run on standard english precision steel shafting.

These thrust air bushings consist of a porous carbon sleeve encased in an aluminum housing with a porous carbon thrust face encased in a aluminum housing. They typically mount inside a bore. The recommended bore can be found in the specifications on the individual component page.  In applications where higher stiffness is required, the bearing may be set in-place by a precision potting procedure.

Two o-rings, mounted on the outside of the housing, position and support the bushing, allowing it to self-align. Once the bushing is mounted, these O-rings also create the sealed chamber by which pressurized air is introduced through the outer housing to the porous carbon liner, which evenly distributes a thin film of air between the inside diameter of the bushing and the guide shaft.

Load-carrying capability is greatly dependent on the size of the air film (or the diametrical difference between the guide O.D. and the bushing I.D.). Other critical factors impacting bushing performance include: Input air pressure, surface finish of the guide, bushing-guide alignment, and geometry of the guide itself.

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