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Devitt to Present Papers at Both AIMCAL Europe Conferences

Devitt to Present Papers at Both AIMCAL Europe Conferences

New Way Air Bearings® Chairman and CTO Drew Devitt Will Present
New Technologies at the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) Web Coating and Web Handling Conferences,
June 10-15, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Aston, Pennsylvania, USA – Thursday, June 7, 2012 – New Way® Air Bearings, the world’s largest manufacturer of porous media air bearing products, announced that its founder Drew Devitt will be presenting new technology for precision film handling in printed electronics applications at the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) Europe Conferences, June 10-15, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Devitt’s research explores the use of non-contact ‘Air Turns’ rather than contact rollers for the handling of flexible films, and the use of viscous shear in air bearing films for web tension control, cleaning, drying, and rapid temperature control. Air films are also used to protect differentially pumped grooves so the film can be passed into and out of vacuum chambers without contact.

Devitt noted that New Way Air Bearings is uniquely positioned to apply their precision experience in metrology, semiconductor, and flat panel display manufacturing to the improvement of printed electronics manufacturing. Printed electronics include: Photovoltaics, OLED lighting, printed batteries and flexible displays.

AIMCAL’s Conference Sessions will cover an array of relevant topics for those involved with the Handling and Coating of flexible film.

Devitt will be appearing during Session 4B (Hardware) of the Vacuum Web Coating Sessions on Wednesday, June 13, at 11:30AM. At that time he will present ‘Pass-Through Vacuum Chambers for Research and Production.’ (See Abstract 1 below.) The Session Leaders are Charles Bishop, C.A. Bishop Consulting; and Andrew Jack, Bobst. Also presenting hardware solutions will be: Dermot Monaghan, Gencoa Ltd; Seunghun Lee, Korea Institute of Materials Science; as well as Gottfried Kuepper and Armin Bertsch, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum.

The AIMCAL Europe Web Handling Conference will be held in the same location June 13-15, 2012. Devitt will lead off the Web Conveyance Session on Thursday, June 14, at 10:30AM as he presents: ‘New Functionalities from Air Bearings Acting On Films.’ (See Abstract 2 below.) The Session Leader is David Roisum, Finishing Technologies. Following Devitt during the Web Conveyance Session will be: Timothy J. Walker, TJ Walker & Associates; and Dominique Knittel, University of Strasbourg.

“For over 40 years now, AIMCAL has provided continuing education and networking for the global, high-end converting industry,” Devitt said. “The European Conferences are new this year, and New Way is proud to be a part of these inaugural events as a presenter in these prestigious AIMCAL technical forums.”

The AIMCAL Europe Web Coating and Web Handling Conferences will be held at the Diplomat Hotel, in Prague, Czech Republic June 10-13 and June 13-15, 2012, respectively. To register, visit the AIMCAL Conference website.

Abstract 1 – Pass-Through Vacuum Chambers for Research and Production.

Flexible films are controlled without contact between air bearing lands which also protect differentially dumped groves from the atmosphere. In this way small but potentially wide vacuum chambers appropriate for CVD, PVD, ALD or other processes requiring deep vacuum may be made inexpensively and conveniently integrated into continuous processes. The film spends little time in the vacuum, reducing surface defects from winding contact, internal pressure of the film and pattern size variation from out gassing.

Abstract 2 – New Functionalities from Air Bearings Acting On Films.

Air bearings are providing breakthrough enabling technology by acting directly on substrates. FPD glass controlled through processes by air bearings without contact. Flexible films flow over non-turning “Air Turns” rather than contact rollers. Viscous shear in air films is used for tension control between “Air Turns” and across the web. High pressure boundary layer scrubbing for effective cleaning and drying with convective film co-efficients allowing rapid precision temperature control. Air bearing seals isolate process environments.


AIMCAL – the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators – is a member owned, international trade association focused on the technologies associated with web processing and finishing. AIMCAL Conferences offer a global forum for industry members and nonmembers to network, while learning the latest in technology and best practices from the best industrialists, consultants and academics in the industry. The Conferences provide strong technical presentations and outstanding networking that brings value to attendees by enhancing technical knowledge and industry contacts. AIMCAL has earned a stellar reputation for bringing value to the industry and the attendees through their highly-rated technical offerings.

About New Way Air Bearings®

New Way Air Bearings, Inc. is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of modular air bearing products and the recognized provider of porous media air bearing solutions. The company manufactures a standard line of modular, off-the-shelf components including: Transition and precision zone air bars; flat round and rectangular air bearings; vacuum preloaded air bearings; radial air bearings; air bushings; and air slides. The company achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification for its quality management system in November, 2008; and achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification in January, 2010.

New Way has now been included on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing, private companies in America for 2007, 2008, and 2009. In November of 2007, The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce named New Way recipient of its Technological Excellence of the Year Award for 2008. In both 2008 and 2009, New Way was named a Deloitte Fast 50 Technology company for the Philadelphia, PA, USA Region.

Founded in 1994, New Way is located in Aston, Pennsylvania, USA, just fifteen minutes from Philadelphia International Airport. Visit New Way Air Bearings online at www.newwayairbearings.com. This web site includes specifications for the company’s full product range, design and installation guides, mounting hardware, air specifications, technical support, and a full range of accessories. You can also find New Way on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. If you’d prefer even more direct contact, you can reach us at info@www.newwayairbearings.com, or follow the company’s official blog: Drew’s Views.

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