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RT-100RT-100 – 100mm Servo-Driven Rotary Stages

100mm Servo-Driven Rotary Stages

100mm Servo-Driven Rotary Stages

RT-100 is part of +Vantage’s standard line of Servo-Driven Rotary Stages built on New Way Air Bearings. RT-100 integrates the 100mm Air Spindle with a zero cog motor and a standard encoder, delivering superior precision and a crash-resistant design, enabled by our Porous Media Technology™.

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Title Specifications
Part # RT-100RT-100
Stage Diameter 3.9 in.100 mm
Min/Max Rotation Speed 1 - 120 RPM1 - 120 RPM
Axial Load 132 lbs.585 N
Radial Load 49 lbs.216 N
Axial Max. Stiffness 0.49 lb/µin85 N/µm
Radial Max. Stiffness 0.15 lb/µin26 N/µm
Continuous Torque 165.5 oz-in.1.168 N-m
Peak Torque 496.4 oz-in.3.505 N-m
Continuous Current 4.1 Amp4.1 Amp
Encoder Head 47,360 counts/rev47,360 counts/rev
Resolution 27.36 arcsecs0.013 mrad
Encoder Output Frequency 1 mHz1 mHz
Accuracy 0.014 (+/- mrad)2.86 (+/- arcsecs)
Controller Galil/DMC-30012Galil/DMC-30012
Power Cable Galil/PWRCBL-30012-ISCNTLGalil/PWRCBL-30012-ISCNTL
Communication Cable 15 Pin DSUB15 Pin DSUB

RT-100 Engineering Drawing


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