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Air Dryer – Desiccant-Based

Air Dryer - Desiccant-Based

New Way® Air Bearings avoid problems with wear, friction, and lubrication associated with traditional roller bearings by operating with a thin film of pressurized air around its surface to prevent contact with interfacing surfaces. Air forced through millions of sub-micron sized holes on the bearing face creates a 5-micron film that enables non-contact linear motion. Compressed air supplied to the air bearing must be clean, dry, and oil-free to ensure proper air bearing performance. New Way offers a desiccant-based air dryer that ensures Clean DRY Air (CDA) to maintain the stated performance characteristics of air bearings.

A long-term optimum air bearing performance depends on the quality of the compressed air. Operating without clean, dry, and oil-free air at adequate pressure can have a damaging effect on the air bearing functionality, causing malfunctions in process control machinery. The desiccant-based air dryer system works in conjunction with general purpose and coalescing filters to remove contaminants such as water, oil, and other foreign materials in purifying the compressed air. While the general-purpose filters remove the bulk of particles, coalescing filters remove oil and water and anything that gets passed the first filter. The inline desiccant dryer removes water from the compressed air to prevent condensation and moisture from interfering with air bearing operations.

All of New Way Air Bearing Technology incorporates Porous MediaTM Technology that relies on the quality of compressed air to provide numerous performance benefits over traditional contacting roller bearings including:

  • Precision Positioning
  • Unwanted Motion
  • No Lubrication
  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Smooth and Silent Motion
  • Zero Wear/Zero Friction

In addition to desiccant-Based Air Dryers, New Way provides replacement desiccant for the air dryers when contents become saturated. Replacement desiccant, when used on a regular maintenance basis, ensures optimum dryer performance that ultimately affects the functions of New Way Air Bearings. Find out more about New Way desiccant-Based Air Dryers here or contact us to discuss your bearing challenges.

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