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S307501S307501 – 3.00 Inch ID Air Bushing

3.00 Inch ID Air Bushing

3.00 Inch ID Air Bushing

New Way’s English Air Bushing line offers a variety of standard English shafting sizes which are designed to meet your applications. The specifications shown below for 3.00 Inch ID define its performance capabilities. These porous media bushings are an inexpensive way to achieve frictionless linear motion. They compare favorably with conventional rolling element bearings across virtually every performance characteristic, and are easy to apply, replace or change.

Size3.00 Inch ID3.00 Inch ID
Input Pressure60 psi0.41 MPa
Radial Load Max280 lb1245 N
Radial Stiffness0.91 lb/μin159 N/μm
Pitch Moment Max63 lb-in7.1 N-m
Pitch Stiffness275 lb-in/mil rad31 N-m/mil rad
Flowrate on Shaft23.00 - 32.00 SCFH10.8 - 15.1 NLPM
Air Gap at maximum recommended load150 micro-inches4 microns
Bushing Inside Diameter (ID)3.0008 in +.0002/-.000076.220 +0.005/-0.000 mm
Bushing Outside Diameter (OD)3.9 in99 mm
Bushing Length3.50 in89 mm
Bushing Weight22 oz624 g
Housing Material/FinishAluminum/AnodizedAluminum/Anodized
Porous Media MaterialCarbonCarbon
Recommended Shaft Outside Diameter (OD)3.0000 in76.200 mm
Recommended Shaft Tolerance-.0004/-.0011 in (g6)-10/-29 μm (g6)
Recommended Mounting Bore Diameter3.937 in +.003/-.000100.00 mm +.08/-.00
Pressure Port Threads10-32 UNF 2B10-32 UNF 2B
Maximum Allowable Pressure Supply100 psi0.689 MPa
Bushing ID Speed13,250 rpm13,250 rpm
Maximum Speed164.04 ft/s50 m/s
Common Shaft MaterialsAnodized aluminum, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, ceramics, glassAnodized aluminum, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, ceramics, glass


Mounting Details for 3.00 Inch ID Air Bushing

Stainless Steel Shaft
S90S017-xxx – 3″ Diameter

End Mounts
No Shaft End Mount Available

Mounting Blocks
S8075P02 – 3″ I.D.

Replacement “O” Rings for Bushings
S90RG2-154 – 3.0″

Air Fittings
All 10-32 Thread Size Air Fittings

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