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S17072315S17072315 – 72mm X222mm Bonded Bearing

72mm X222mm Bonded Bearing

72mm X222mm Bonded Bearing

New Way’s 72mm x 222mm Bonded Bearing offers a solution for space-constrained linear applications. Bonded bearings are a low-profile version of our flat rectangular bearings as well as a critical component of our popular Linear Slides. Sold as a standalone component, bonded bearings are able to be positioned accurately through the use of vacuum replication prior to bonding the bearing into place. The large length size relative to the width is accommodated through additional sets of air grooves to ensure even distribution of air for optimum performance.

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Width71.7 mm2.82 in.
Length221.7 mm8.73 in.
Height15 mm0.59 in.
Ideal Load3870 N870.0 lbs.
Flow2.5 SLPM0.09 SCFM
Bearing Weight510.4 gm18.0 oz.
# of Grooves33
Pressure Port ThreadM5 x 0.8M5 x 0.8

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