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S22100T1250S22100T1250 – 1250mm Long x 100mm Wide Transition Zone Air Bar

1250mm Long x 100mm Wide Transition Zone Air Bar

1250mm Long x 100mm Wide Transition Zone Air Bar

Largest of the New Way Transition Zone Air Bar line, the 1250mm size provides the length necessary for maximum efficiency when building the arrays required for the largest glass generations. New Way Porous Media® Technology delivers controlled, non-contact glass handling capability for conveying, processing, and inspection applications. These modular components are available from stock and easy to install, level, plumb, maintain, replace and change.

New Way® is proud to offer the T-Series of air bars as the basis for all of your noncontact rotary motion needs. The T-Series is available in square or round stator configurations and offers you the flexibility of size, ranging from the 55mm SS-55 to the 375mm SS-375, with custom sizing available upon request.

The T-Series is an ideal solution for precision environments, where its noncontact motion eliminates asynchronous error and its micro-thin air layer means that contact wear is a thing of the past.

Our specification pages are available in U.S. and metric sizing so there’s no need to convert to your company’s internal standard. Additionally, we offer the engineering drawings for all of our T-Series bearings in both PDF and STEP format, allowing you to easily determine whether our precision-toleranced air bars are the right choice for you!

Title Specifications
Size 1250mm1250mm
SKU S22100T1250S22100T1250
Fly Height Example 0.0032 in80 microns
Input Pressure 21.0 psi145 kPa
Input Pressure Flow 64.8 SCFH28.02 NLPM
Input Vacuum 2.0 in H2050.8 mm H20
Input Vacuum Flow 43.8 SCFH18.94 NLPM
Substrate Fly Height Range 0.0008 - 0.0047 in20 - 120 microns
Fly Height Control 197 μ in±5 microns
Air Film Stiffness 0.21 lbs/μ in0.04 N/micron
Stability 0.2 μ in±5 nanometers
Transition Zone Air Bar Length 49.45 in1256 mm
Transition Zone Air Bar Width 3.94 in100 mm
Transition Zone Air Bar Height 1.69 in42.85 mm
Transition Zone Air Bar Weight 11.9 lbs5.39 kg
Housing Material/Finish Aluminum/AnodizedAluminum/Anodized
Porous Media Material CarbonCarbon
Bearing Face Surface Size - Carbon 3.94 x 49.21 in100 x 1250 mm
Bearing Face Surface Flatness 0.001 in0.025 mm
Air Supply Bottom-Mounted ManifoldBottom-Mounted Manifold
Vacuum Supply Bottom MountedBottom Mounted
Viable Pressure Range 0.5 - 40.0 psi3.48 - 275.79 kPa
Maximum Allowable Pressure Supply 40.0 psi275.79 kPa
Substrate Size up through Gen 10 and beyondup through Gen 10 and beyond
Substrate Thickness 0.0118 in and up0.3 mm and up
Maximum Substrate Speed 8.2 ft/sec2.5 m/sec


Mounting Details for S22100T1250 – 1250mm Transition Zone Air Bar

T-series mounts.

Port Adapter Assembly
99-0019 Adapter Plate

Adapter Assembly for 16 mm O.D. Tubing
99-0021 Pressure Port

Adapter Assembly for 1.5” I.D. Tubing
99-0020 Vacuum Port

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