Application Specifications Form

Tell Us More About Your Specific Needs

The engineering team at New Way® Air Bearings requires specific information to make sure every client gets the right Porous Media Air Bearing Solution for their unique application.

This Application Requirement form allows the sales rep to provide more details about the desired performance requirements for the client’s custom requirement.

Please tell us more about your application needs so we can deliver the frictionless motion solution that will enhance their design.


Person holding digital calipers and measuring a small gear.

How Air Bearings Improve Measurement Capabilities New Way Air Bearings® is proud to offer our lineup of air bearing technology for all your metrological needs. Our Porous Media Technology™ is ideally suited to metrology related tasks including: Coordinate verification Roundness…

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New Way® Air Bearing’s Annual Fun Day event is an opportunity to build camaraderie both within the company and with the local community. An important part of New Way’s mission, as a Philadelphia-based company, is to be a part of and give back to the local community. 

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